Started to hate PvP

I’ve been facing this kind of team’s for 10 day’s now. 3-7 time’s per day. It’s sucks
I don’t know what developer’s doing with PvP system, but it’s obvious that they are not making it right.


Adapt, I had the same feeling and started playing a non meta silver lvl 70 team.

Edit not min maxing them all are 70 silver both skills at 65 to 70.

It doesn’t matter
I have a almost balanced team, I’m not suppos to do anything else, I am using a good team, almost balanced star’s and level.
The matchmaking always being a trouble and they haven’t fixed it yet. This one is a normal example.
Worse example is I got busted up like 100 times by OP teams like Dogface 10* plat or Panzer 10* plat along with 4 silver 5* supporter’s.

this is bullshit

It’s about EXPLOITATION than adapting. Min/maxers are not punished. Whenever I go against a min/maxer 9/10 will have more power than my team. Go figure, when a balanced team gets penalised …

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Your opponents in these examples are min maxing. I find that with 70 silver around 24k power I encounter this less.

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I totally agree that the player you screenshotted (note that it’s the same guy both times) are clearly exploiting the fact that the marginal increase in point value for a star does not reflect how much ‘real’ power they actually gain.

One small caveat I’ll point out though, is that you are no angel yourself. You claim you’ve got a balanced team but, in reality, you’ve got an 8* plat mixed with a 5* gold (almost double the point value) and, as such, the match-making algo is going to penalize you.
*Not trying to yell at you though–as has been said many times, there is no transparency in the match-making process so people don’t know if they’re being penalized, how much, or why


Whether intended or not, you are also min/maxing. At least that’s how it appears to the game when it’s matching you versus other players.

You have a 10.3k Dogface that is plat with 8*, and then a 5k Keel who is gold with 5*. The thing is, your opponent actually has a more “even” team. He has the same 3* max difference, but all his heroes are at least silver. Because of this you are facing him and getting penalized by a few thousand points and his team rating is higher than yours.

Basically your opponent is min/maxig better and working around the system, will you are just getting penalized. This is a huge issue I have with the current system in Hero Hunters and something that needs to be addressed. You really shouldn’t be getting punished because your team is far inferior than your opponents. HotHead needs to put more weight on stars and fix skills and level so they don’t mess up the match making as bad as they currently do.

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LOL he got out min/maxed. Pretty poor example, look at that 5 star Keel and Moss.

To be fair, both of you appear to be running unbalanced teams with a power difference of around 5300-6300. Clearly your opponent is min-maxing, but whether intentionally or not, it appears that you are too.

PvP now is just about who runs a better min-maxed team. Sad that you got out-min-maxed though. My advice? run your Dog with a bunch of silver supports. Haha :rofl:

There doesn’t seem to be light at the end of the tunnel with this whole min-maxing fiasco, seeing as this is an issue that has been so persistent but has had little fixing. Oh well.

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guys, he is level 71, that’s about natural progression (maybe)

btw these 10* silvers also exist at 15k, and 25k. At 15k have their levels capped around 40.


Still nice how a bad round of pvp reduces your willingness to spend money on this game.

lol at your opponent’s alliance name.