Brogan and Francoise?

What’s skill of Brogan makes him good pair with Francoise? How does it work?

Well basically. When francoise gives her drink to brogan he gains the bonus hp. Attack and evasion.
His silver skill copies all effects he currently has and gives that to allies.
Meaning every single ally will gain the evasion. Damage and hp. He also applies his own buffs. Everything that is blue under his card

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Pairing them together can be really fun because it is devastating when that combo hits. However, that timing isn’t easy to pull off consistently since you need to actively control them to have the best shot of getting that off.

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Does Brogan have other use in pvp than being paired with Francoise?

Gives small buffs to everyone. Any buff he has is copied as well. Including shields. When an ally dies Brogan gets a huge personal shield. Gives it to everyone. Alternatively, focus all support onto Brogan (shields, healing, boosts) and let Brogan distribute it to everyone. Francoise is usually the staple choice as she gives massive single target buffs, but other supports can have similar effects, such as Vanguard’s shield, Caine’s armor, and Keir might actually work (idk yet, but it looks like Keir’s ability might be duplicatable). Brogan also deals fair damage, especially if you use his bronze skl to give himself a damage buff (which you can also share with everyone). Brogan is best used with other support as he can rally whatever support he gets to everyone else.

I guess Brogan is not really good because it would be too manual in order to do that

Manual is the best option if you want to be good in PvP or beat a tough level in pve.

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