Did we forget about Brogan?

Brogan one of the 7 stars heroes, I feel kind of that he is left out, honestly I don’t know why but he is a great hero that deserves a spot in the lights, his abilities help a lot with boosting team performance while also, the silver ability is eeeerm, underestimated, like seriously you can give any boost you can get to EVERY team member, and clear negative effects, you can even copy shields from a shielder like butter or kobold, and who knows what other crazy stuff he can do, EVEN give the entire team a francoise boost, Let’s show him some love guys :slight_smile:

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No, he isn’t good enough to be meta, Brogan is just not viable like Prophet. He also isn’t worth much unless he is on a specific team

Brogan’s silver takes somewhere between a year and a decade to charge up, and by the time it’s ready to go the game is already over. People have talked about using him with Fran to distribute taking a swig, which sounds good in theory, but in practice you have to:

  1. Pilot Fran during her swig and distribute it to Brogan
  2. Hope that Brogan’s silver will be up during the time when swig can be distributed
  3. Not lose too much of your team in the meantime

Even if it works, you’re going to need quite a bit of time to win your match. Brogan’s a bottom tier hero that isn’t quite at the Oro trash level, but he’s definitely not good.


I agree on that way he is really fun to experiment with

He’s useless if you don’t have any heroes that have good buffs to share

Shield work good and good buffs

Still, useless unless with good heroes; not even worth the gold

i mean the power of borgan for begginers is good

Kurtz and Art are the only good, reliable 7* to have

I don’t agree yosai, trust me I played this game longer and I know for sure there’s really good use in every hero, even oro, there’s always something good in every hero

Oro has no use, so does Galante. Bad heroes with no synergies, bottom tier.

I got brogan from a gilded pretty early on, he’s not very good in pvp, but the buffs and dmg help a lot in pve. A number of campaign missions passed only because of brogan’s buffs and spread abilities. If u pilot the character, silver doesn’t take very long, espacially if you have full plat and can bump to midline

Ive got him on my second account as told. And he is amazing, the way he copy’s shields and stuff, and francoise drinks, takes a bit of effort but is worth it, Ive beaten a friend a couple of times with it

@Yosai no. godlante works pretty well with fran. fran is at plat and i refuse to get my godlante up

Also, moss, doubles the effect, just have a few healers and francoise and a butter or smth and just copy any effect that you feel In need of at that moment, either buffs or a shield or maybe even nightingales healing

i got him recently, was happy. he seems rather meh to me. hasnt done anything thatmakes me go oh wow. just another hyped guy.

I have not used Brogan much because I just did not know how to make the most of him. I am reading Robert’s suggestions of using his silver skill and choosing to copy powers. I had no idea you could do this and am not sure how to do it exactly. I will have to have a go and see if I can work it out. Doesn’t every hero have a few powers? So is it random which of those powers you copy or what?

So basically every positive power you have will be copied to every allied hero. So even if you’d get a vanguard shield you’ll give it to every ally

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Its more like any crazy positive powers you have ON brogan will be applied to all heroes, the thing is I know all this stuff because I’ve played this game since beta and have nothing else to do than study heroes, so even butter shield is able to be copied if its still active

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