What hero can buff health the most to use with mauler?

Lmao what do I write here?

Duran + Heim give massive health pools

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Duran is insane, I actually thought he would turn out game breaking but it’s not that bad, don’t have issues with him

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Mauler’s best friends this is Cain and Moss.

Mauler with francoise caine and moss is crit hit dream, garuanteed stun every burst

Ifrit can heal and his silver skill can deal damage over time with Mauler’s platinum/gold skill (disoriented enemies take damage) and those long stuns can have increased damage with Alvarez. Caine and Moss help increase critical chance and Moss’s platinum heals allies when they deal critical hit so extra heals. Francoise can buff herself with a LOT of extra health, healing, damage and added critical chance, which she can spread to an ally with her bronze skill which is very useful (if you have Brogan spreading those effects to him and then using Brogan’s silver spreads those effects to EVERYONE)

Oracle too (desorientation from start). And Halo (electro execute during stun and desorientation).

But Cain & Moss this is platinum base standard. Remining two places may be filled by situation – tanks, heals, second DD, bonus heroes for PVP, etc.