Brogan bug

Someone can explain me , why sometime when brogan use lead by exemple( silver skill )to purify and give boost to the team , sometime only brogan receive the boost ?

Probably because he only has his own boosts. He only applies his owned boosts to teammates

Yep but warload give 1 auto boost to himself when use lead by exemple, so all teamate receive min 1 boost no?
And more by each purify

I’ve noticed this too attempting 3-9 extreme following the guide from ghastly. I can’t get him to distribute his silver skill to everyone

Yeah i like brogan, i want to use him but 3/4 of the time his silver dont work, so i dont use, hope a fix soon, can be the best support of the game but it dont work
I dont know how we can tell this to developer ?!

Check the forum guidelines, which you should be familiar with if you’re actively posting. Instructions are there.

You have to submit a ticket and from there it’s out of our hands

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