Why no brogan?

I was really hoping to try and get Brogan from this Tier crates since I was in need of some mechs.

  1. Brogan needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine.
  2. Whenever Brogan’s not in a crate, all the other Heroes should be asking, “where’s Brogan?”

To answer your question, it may be that he’s relatively new and powerful, so the devs in charge of the Crate allocations decided to not add him to this Crate. But that’s my speculation. We all work on different things.

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Can you not talk to each other to get this kind of information?

I asked this myself before with similar topics.

Sure! I asked, and it looks like I’m a genius and guessed correctly.


y’all keep asking “why”, but did you ever think to yourself you should be asking “How is Brogan?”

and yeah, im sitting on just 30 Brogan fragments and have no access to the other 555 i need :man_shrugging:

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Should have done the same as me, just buy the 2nd tier kobold crate

The probability of that happening is risky. My last x10 was full of just repeat heroes. Nothing new.

I have jealousy.

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