BUG in AW. LOSE points in time

Hi, I’m VictorMD from AE3GO and something really weird just happened tonight. We captured 2* sectors and when we checked points we actually lost some in a 1 minute difference.
It is really frustrating to see this kind of bugs happening because we really put the long hours this season and all of my buddies are disappointed that we could end in 2nd because of an error in the game… so check it out (I have pictures) and PLEASE try to make it right.!

Im going to put the after photo in a comment bc I can’t put 2 pictures here


Picture 2

Notice how now we have almost 800points less while everyone else still earning…


Hola muy buenas soy Edviking el comandante de Ae3go…no es normal que desaparezcan 14k de la nada…no me importa perder soy un buen jugador y todos me conocen,pero perder por un fallo del juego no está bien…nos hemos esforzado muchísimo por está guerra y perder por un fallo del juego nos da mucha rabia después de tanto esfuerzo…así que por favor póngan un remedio ,como es posible que pase esto.


Hey @Muninn @LordNikon , maybe this aren´t ur issues field but we would like a feedback of what had happened in the forum, owing the fact that may not the first time this occur, we already send a ticket to support area, so we will be waiting for an aswer. Thanks!


Buen día cordial saludo…no es raro que existan este tipo de problemas y son de del juego ya UE como dice las. Fotos en menos de 1 minutos hora se han bajado puntos cosas 1ue no debería ser así entonces solicito amableme se verifique lo mas antes posible la situación porque por legalidad y por jugar bien y en las. Condiciones que piden la guerra de alianza son claras por ese motivo nos merecemos el primer puesto… Gracias por la atención orestada

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Hello very good I am Edviking the commander of Ae3go … it is not normal that they disappear 14k from nowhere … I do not mind losing I am a good player and we all find myself, but I lose because of a game failure is not good … We have worked hard for war and losing due to a game failure makes us very angry after so much effort … so please put a remedy, as this may happen.

@Victor_Diaz Are you guys trading single-hero sectors with another alliance, trying to artificially raise your score? That’s the only time I’ve seen this happen.

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Not this time bro. We took two 2* sectors that had almost all their heroes defending 9/10 if I recall. We had like a 6k or 5k difference with second place and in just one minute we were second with 8k difference. It is unbelievable but true. We don’t know what happened and we know we most likely are not gonna get an answer before this season ends. We just want the devs to really work on it and give us any kind of explanation so this all can make sense.

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That really sucks man. I feel for you. Me and Forceful brought up the point-loss issue to the devs back in season 1 or 2 and nothing came from it. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t expect anything to be fixed any time soon. If I were you guys, I’d be fuming that a bug caused you to lose out on all that work to get to rank 1.

DEVS: Come on… This is two seasons now in a month-long event that have been a farce. How can you expect players to care about ranking in huge events like this when the teams that earned rank 1 don’t get rank 1?

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They need to shut AW down and fix all these bugs.
Shut it down for a week or two just to test and fix things up.

It ends up being not fair to teams that put in alot of effort and time and only to lose out by bugs in AW itself.
The feeling of discouragement really blows and it hurts even more when they lose from a bug that shouldn’t be there.

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Cordial saludo soy GenesisFocus de AE3GO como es posible que en menos de un minuto perdamos 20K de puntos & así como si nada nos quiten el top 1 donde nuestra alianza se ha esforzado desde el inicio de temporada, esto es una falta de respeto a todos los jugadores de HERO HUNTERS que ustedes siempre dejen pasar por alto este tipo de errores en eventos tan importantes & más en la GUERRA DE ALIANZAS, que desde que se lanzó & se volvió competencia se ha vuelto en uno de los eventos más importantes del juego, así que por favor espero que esto no quede así & se arregle el problema antes de que termine la TEMPORADA.

Thanks for reporting this to support! We’re investigating.

It’s strange to stop adding 14k when we didn’t lose any cells at any time.

In just over an hour we did not add anything, on the contrary, we lost many points.

We had all the scores checked and we knew how many points per hour we earned. what happened? Some explanation?

It is absurd to lose the war like this because of a bug or game failure. we are angry and disappointed.

I never said anything but my previous war subtracted us 5k of points and we still move on. We have not made any kind of complaint because we are still playing … but here I will leave the test of mxwarrios.

Great that you have also proof of that issue.
I think the main point here is to have a complete and transparent game. It’s not fair for everyone to have this kind of bugs or errors in the game, especially in a big event like AW. The more information we all have, the better!

This just happened again. We just lost like 4-5k points in time. RIDICULOUS! Seriously, fix this damn thing or I’m done.

(Check time left of war in picture to see which one is before and after)

Like I’ve previously stated, we’re currently investigating this issue. If you’ve reported this to support, please continue to provide information and screenshots to the agents that are helping you, as this will aid in the investigation.

Posting more information here will not help us, as we do not have access to your team logs through the forum. Thank you!

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Thanks for you quick answer. I will send all the information needed.

Yes @Skathi one of our teammates is sending to support area info so you can investigate and seek for a sooner solution, anyway I´m sure that we are not the only affected alliance with this issue that´s why we want to mantain this forum open so others can be aware about it, because there are still blanks of how the war works, thanks.

Looks like the problem has to do with projected point values from Featured Heroes not being factored in/carried over. Fix should be available soon! Thanks.