Caine / Cinder feedback & discussion

I can’f find a good place to discuss these new heroes.

Did you unlock them yet? Do you build them? How do you like them so far?

My Caine 4* is level 52 (my max ATM) promoted to Gold and he’s really good. I was worried at fist to see that he didn’t have any offensive skills, but Counter Measure can potentially deal lots of damage.
Promoting him to gold took him from “good guy” to “awesome” - the healing bursts are really helpful.

Cinder 4* is level 52 but I haven’t promoted her to Gold yet - she’s a stable Silver and I can’t see that I’m gonna promote her further in a good while (I just don’t feel the Gold skill). She can deal big damage for her tier but those dragon flames often go astray. :frowning:
Would you say her Gold skill is worth fighting for - ASAP?

Cinder is more so dependent on the type of team you’re using. As far as dps goes, cinder is great in that category, but her skills are most useful when paired with Keel, as this process Keel’s gold skill. Acid bomb, Dragon fire, and acid rain all go best when paired with Keel, but they are still very useful on they’re own

Ah, yes. I don’t have Keel at Gold level so that’s why I decided not to focus harder om Cinder yet. I can see them shine together, also along with Matador and Phalanx (who destroy covers).
As my Matador recently got 5 stars and my Phalanx is nearly gold I should really work on my Keel.