Cinder vs scum

Who’s a better biochem fighter

And on separate note is Steele good

Hell no. Steele is probably one of, if not the worst hero in the game.

Don’t have scum but probably cinder.


She just seems to have more useful synergies and abilities, and she seems to get better as she climbs the ranks. She also seems more prominent in pvp (daily calendar may be a factor).

I used Scum more than Cinder, He’s pretty tanky

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Scum is sweet and underrated! It’s hard to compare though since my Scum is 5* and Cinder is 7*.

cinder seems like meh. even her gold seems like meh. cant tell if its working.

i am close to having Scum and like his skills rather than her skills

Cinder is good. She’s like Salvatore but her skills will actually hit sometimes. :slight_smile:

If cinder’s barrage actually hits. . HAHA Scum all the way - tanky, good damage, full of personality. The only downside with scum is you can’t get enough frags. Haha

Problem with Cinder is her bronze acting weirdly. I’ve seen it miss ALL the shots to a stunned enemy (one shocked by Nightingale’s gold)

But Cinder’s plat is brutal. I’ve lost a few matches against plat Cinder because she isn’t a big threat at the beginning, so I kinda ignored her to focus down other threats first. But once a few covers are broken, she has a massive health pool and great damage, making her a scary adversary

She’s a candidate for my next platinum promotion. Too many options.

Cinder plat is a fearsome hero if she is paired with cover breaker hero as her damage stacks with cover destroyed. Scum isn’t bad too but more of a tank than damage dealer. He does do good with bounties where bounties don’t run a lot.

Heimlock is the correct answer here :grinning:

Ok I have Mandrake cinder and scum at silver, who should I use in pvp and who should I try to upgrade to silver

At bronze sorry I’m upgrading them to silver tho

Never EVER use drake before gold. He’s pretty useless otherwise. But it depends on what you have in ur team already

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Steele is sad and poor. I don’t know why he’s so bad or what he needs. I mean if he’s able to survive he can be pretty OK but most of the time he just… Dies. His Bronze skill IS pretty good, or rather, it’s powerful, but in order to utilise it fully you need to stand out of cover for very long periods of time which means you’re dead. Maybe they could make it so that Steele can use this skill while sitting down? But how is he supposed to fire when sitting behind a cover? Making him invisible doesn’t work since he’s not the invisible kind of guy. Add a % to evade attacks while Bronze is active a bit like Beck? There we have it.

Anyway look, here Steele survived for long which means he had to time to utilise his Bronze skill which in extent means he’s the top damage dealer.

Damm, Steele outdamaging Panzer. What a thing to see. Nerf Steele.

Agreed! Nerf everyone that has ever had and will ever have the best damage, healing and / or damage taken.

Anothert thing that’s odd with Steele is his Silver skill. When you read it it sounds a bit (a lot) like Savage’s Bronze but it doesn’t do more than like 20% of the damage compared to given skill. Nerf Savage!

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