PVP Team tweaking

So I am close to having Caine at 10*+3 Platinum but am struggling to find a way for him to fit in with my “A” team for PVP. Currently I run Mandrake, Nightingale (leg skin), Flatline, Heimlock, and Dogface all at 10* and at least +3. I’ve messed around subbing him for Flatline but it seems he gets gunned down rather quickly, I just really like his skills and want to hear some other Comps people have used him in.


Caine is one of my top 5 heroes, he is part my main line up. Sad to say though that his HP not great, though him being an Armor smith you think he would hook himself up with killer armor to protect himself more.

A smart opponent will take out Caine first as he will be annoying if left alone, your line up is somewhat similar of mine except I don’t use Flat as I think of her as a crutch.

Try adding Min, she can add a shield to buy some time for Caine to gain health back from Drake’s gold, then Heimlock and Night. A plus to using Min is her bronze and silver can be really annoying as well

Switch him with Nightingale or Heimlock. Try a few times with switching either one. See which one works best for you.

I’d probably drop Gale for him. Gale isn’t nearly as useful as she was during her glory days and I tend to find that she just takes up space. Caine does a lot of target healing through his gold so I think you’ll find he does more than Gale. Plus you already have Heim for team heals, so if you’re set on keeping Gale, I’d consider dropping her skin.

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Thanks everyone. I put him in for flatline and have been doing well. I tried Night without the skin and didn’t really like the result so I kept her in it

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Nice!! Even took out a Kurtz team :slight_smile:

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