Callidus PvP tournament bot

I get it that we sometimes fight bots, but let them fight with the same rules as us.



but you had a clean sweep against them…sooo what’s the problem here at the end of the day?


This is a legit bug that we are working on. The bots should adhere to the exact same rules players have to.

I’ve been staring at the picture trying to figure out what exactly I am missing…

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Callidus event. You can only play it with a guest Callidus. Enemy team doesnt have Callidus, so its “breaking” the rules.

Oooohhhhh LOL. Ok got it now. It didn’t even dawn on me that she wasn’t on the “bot” team.

Thanks! Off to clean my glasses. :grin:


Thanks, didn’t know you were working on it, awsome work devs!