PVP or sometimes PVS (person versus system)?!

I don’t know If someone has left any similar thread before. But I’m sharaing my recent experience in PVP arenas.
Sometimes I just encounter players in PVP who don’t belong to any alliances. Their behavior resembles heros’ actions which are controlled by system, even the main (supposed to be) player controlled hero.you can find Salvador, chesterfield and some other frequently appearing heroes in their load out.
I assume Hothead uses robots in PVP to increase the rate of matches or something.
I hope I don’t get banned for this thread.lol.
If anyone has leaking info about this matter I would be happy to have his/her comments.

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It’s relatively common to face bots in PvP. If the matchmaking algorithm can’t find you a suitable human opponent within an appropriate time frame, then you’ll be faced against a computer-controlled non-alliance team.

This happens much more often in Free Play, since there are no tournament rewards/placements at stake. In tournaments & brawls, the window for matchmaking time is greatly increased to minimize bot encounters.

It’s common knowledge that you’re matched with a bot when you fail to find a real player opponent.

Yeah…that happend with me sometimes

Thank you guys for info. But in my humble opinion it is hardly called honesty as the tab topic is PVP. It may not affect game play, but it ain’t feel right nonetheless.
I think this matter should be mentioned in basic game instruction at very least.
Thanks again.

The game will always try hard to find you a proper matchup with another player before you’re eventually matched against a bot instead.
Would you prefer to play against a team twice your power or not play at all in those cases where the game doesn’t find a proper matchup for you?