Cannot play the game since this morning (iOS update related)

As the title says, I am unable to play the game since this morning on iOS. The “Update available” message pops up and I’m brought to the app store, where there is no update to be seen.

I know there are issues that need sorted for a clean, bug-free release to happen, but it’s been nearly 24 hours now. I was trying to be patient before, when I couldn’t upgrade heroes using the new gear crafting amounts; but now I can’t play the game at all.

Community left you on read))

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there are already 2 other threads made of this issue. I suggest you just contact support team about this issue so they can take a look.

Hey now. Mine was the first tbf

i completely agree and what makes it worse is everyone with an android is going to be so much further along than we are. people who have grinded playin this game are now going to be behind

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