Castellan's nationality (NEW POLL) (In the comments)

Random question, is Castellan French, Italian, Swiss, or something else? It’s for purely scientific study. :face_with_monocle:

I always suggested he’s Spanish. His accent is a bit hard to figure out but as an Europé I should be able to do it.

Fun Fact! Once a developer went onto Discord saying that Surge is… Indian!
Baffling, ain’t it?

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Min is Asian-American with a Japanese-Korean heritage,
and Cinder is Cantonese and from Hong Kong.

Again, all according to discord.

Do you remember when “the developer” outed Surge as Indian? I can’t find it now when I’m searching for it.

Im pretty sure devs did, but I believe the original message of Surge being Indian was deleted, so we can’t find it.


But back to Castellan - what do you think about him? You follow on my Spanish line? TBH when he says “say hello to my little friend” is sounds a bit Russian. :confused: But nah he can’t be Russian.

I think he’s somewhere in Europe
Specifically Center Europe with Spain, French or Italian
Sorry if my geography skills are not that great

Steele is obviously Indian too, he has the complete Bollywood look.

I think he’s from somewhere in Europe. I can’t put a place to the accent though.

Hivemind is definitely from India. His weapon is the Pandavas Auto Rifle. Pandava is a name from a Hindu legend.

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That’s really neat that Surge is Indian! He’s probably my favorite character. I didn’t think Castellan was Spanish, but he says “holla”. I’ll wait on it a bit.

I’m french, I lived in Spain and never heard this kind of accent in these countries with native people, sorry :confused:

You agree he sounds more like a Russian or Polish dude?

I have actually never seen the turban on Hiveminds head before. Cool.

Oro should be from New Zealand, no, yes?

I heard Italian, Fench and Spanish people spealing with their own accents English and I don’t remember any similar accent :confused:
But I had some Polaks friends and their accent was a bit more similar than southern countries

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So I’m getting Polish, Italian, and Spanish primarily. Muninn we need your great knowledge! What kind of accent do you think Castellan have?

My theory: Castellen is Italian.

My evidence:
He says “Do you like my little friend?”, which sounds very similar to “Say hello to my little friend.” , which is from the movie Scarface, which is about the Italian American mobster Al Capone.

Also, he is part of People’s Guard, which is made up of remnants of Triad and, … the (Italian) mafia!


I think we just really liked that line. Lots of 80s film fans in the studio! I channeled Robocop when I voiced Clyde, for example.

  1. the mafia is not just in Italy, there is even worse in the world
  2. it is inexplicably Spanish because it says “hola” when you use it