Who is your favorite hero?

Hey guys it’s ReverseExecution from the Donut Block alliance.

I was wondering who your favorite hero is?

Everyone has a hero that they have to always use or resort to.

In my case I like castellan because he lasts forever and later in the match his turrets become extremely powerful.

My favorite healer is BY FAR moss. His sniper damage is extremely high and his healing is extremely superior.

So tell me!

Who’s your favorite hero and why?

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Steele is also a great hero! Right next to castellan.

When i need quicks wins shivs is my go 2, deals a lot of damage and dont have to bother with her bronze or silver skill


Depends. When playing for the wins shivs is my to go. But if we’d be talking about a sort of icon it’s got to be Pris.


Pretty sure most people on here know who my favorite hero is, lol.


Alcatraz it does enough damage in bounty even when not featured so I think he’s your favourite hero :grin: @Vintermyst

 - Doom The Great


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I like Lancer!


He has good DPS and his grenades can damage enemies or cover allies.

But he lacks personality LOL

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Lancer learned how to spin that grenade FOR YOU.


But he learned it from Moss though. If there’s any personality it came from Moss. :wink:


Hardscope, epic head hunter.

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I’ve never really used Alcatraz. Hes good huh

Hardscope and dogface are really really good too. We can’t forget them. @2old4thi5 I haven’t gotten into Lancer. But I think it would be cool to use an entire team full of the klg bots

I have a few. Hardscope was my first 10* so he’ll always have a special place in my heart. Krieger is lethal and I have been known to use him with Halo and Kurtz :slight_smile:
But Hivemind takes the cake. Idk, something about him just screams :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love his skills and his aesthetic, and if he’s left alone, can be lethal. Pairing him with Halo/Krieger/Kiyoshi for PvE works really well due to the turrets’ taunts.
If only I had his rare skin :frowning:

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Oro, is my favorite. A walking powerplant ,wish his health was more stabilized to hang on at the very edge of health,to get more time to use skills. But in all oro is Boss


Hmmm depends what for lol
Kyioshi for coops with Marianas
Hands down Heimlock and Shivs

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The hero,the best, the soldier.


My personal favorite fallback dps is Shivs, once you get a single kill the rest follow.
My favorite fallback for healer is Kobold, ig each of the heroes are great but require human supervision for the right timing of their abilities, so ig I just got so used to playing them they’ve become my fallback

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Krieger for sure, so classy and deadly :slight_smile:


Torque, best hero ever.