Changes to Patrol crates

What’s your thoughts on the “new” Patrol crates? Seems a big bunch of harder to get the top crate now, and the rewards increased a little bit.
Normally at this time of the week we’re at Gold I think,
now we’re at Silver 1 and have Silver 2, Silver 3, Gold, Gold 1, Gold 2, Gold 3, Gold 4, Platinum, Platinum 1, Platinum 2, Platinum 3, Platinum 4, Platinum 5 to go.
If we only get to the first Platinum one we’re getting the same rewards as we’re used to - and it should be doable even though it takes more effort now.

When you hit platinum, it takes a million points per upgrade afterwards, for only ONE more of each item it gives you. Definitely not worth the effort.

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I did not even notice, why is something like that note announced in the patch notes?

Since we overdo it by far everytime, it is nice to get some rewards for it. But honestly I do not care if I get one or two frags/energy cells more or less. This said, since it has only ups and no downs, I like it.

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It is not worth rerolling constantly to get the extra items, save your gold.

it’s actually a GOOD thing for smaller/weaker alliances. They didn’t really change the requirements for plat or the rewards for plat. What they did was bring the crates in line with the hero bars, and made it so that a smaller/weaker alliance that might not make it to plat, or even gold, still gets slightly better rewards than if they’re just silver. So they might say halfway to gold in the past, well now that’s silver 2…so still better than silver, but not as good as gold…still better rewards, and they’re able to power up their heroes that bit more.

As for the plat stripes…1 billion points between each stripe is ridiculous and I can’t imagine many alliances are looking to reroll patrols for the minor upgrade in rewards.

Our alliance barely makes it to plat. Is the exp requirement still the same at Plat 1?

There should be more rewards for platinum patrol crate …