Platinum Crate Question

Has anyone been in an alliance that has gotten higher than platinum crate +1?

I think I can see this maybe being feasible but I don’t see how it would be possible to hit plat +5 unless you reset patrols like crazy and only take 10k patrols or more. But then again, are the extra 5 uni frags really worth that much gold?

This should probably be looked at by the dev team at some point.


We get plat+2

But going for higher then that is a complete waste of money

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Nous obtenons plat ou plat +1, mais personnellement après plat +1/2/3/4/5 je trouve que c’est du gaspillage de gold pour si peu en plus

Platinum+2 can be achieved but further is way too difficult…

Sure it will be looked into when they add one more bar after platinum. Then the story will be about getting 50 frags a week (if you go by trend) :robot:

I feel like they were planning to increase the limit of either patrols or alliance size but then scrapped it. So far the alliance crate feels incomplete.

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… or amount of patrols player can run or daily cap.