Platinum Patrol Crate +1 thru 5

Hi devs,

Our alliance hits the 100 patrol max every day, yet we’re unable to get Platinum Patrol Crate +1, let alone +2 thru +5. Could you please consider raising the max amount of daily patrols?


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Organize what patrols to do and which one to leave and you willl get it with ease.

Also getting higher in power will help to get higher patrols too.

I don’t believe alliances are suppose to hit the max rank, its more of a way to allow alliances to still do patrols up until the very end.

Before the tier changes, once an alliance hit platinum they couldn’t do more patrols. Some alliances reached that mark well before the time to open so they missed out on days of potential patrols. Besides, the extra rewards are extremely insignificant (1 extra shard for 1 million patrol points) to really try and grind for. Just try and do as many as you can and don’t worry about the tier of the crate beyond the base color.

@Bludomir Don’t worry about going past the Platinum crate, the extra rewards don’t merit the extra work needed. There is a greater issue here, too:

Once you hit platinum crate, the gap between crate levels is absurd. It takes 1 million patrol points to hit just platinum, and hitting each crate level beyond that would take another million.

And the rewards, like @Benched said, are insignificant, with only 100 more alliance gems and 1 more of every other item for the workload of another whole plat crate (1 million points).

There should be an increase in the rewards of alliance crates beyond Platinum, and a decrease in the amount of points needed to upgrade past Platinum. I would suggest 500 more Alliance Gems and 5 more of the other items per upgrade; and 500,000 more alliance points needed per upgrade, instead of 1 million.

Also, I feel that decreasing the point requirement to upgrade would be a better idea than to add more patrols per day.


Add bucks to the crate


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