Clarification on alliance max size

Not sure if you guys noticed. Recently I have been seeing many alliances decreasing their member count or closing off at less than 20 members. Has there been a change in the limits?

Is the alliance size not 25 members anymore? Legit asking cos I really love this game and cant bear to see my close friends having to leave the alliance :frowning:

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There should be more alliance members space like 30 members each alliance

The number is maximum 25, we can have less player in the alliance, some do it voluntarily to be stronger in a lower category


Some people are limiting their alliance size in order to pair against lesser enemies in alliance wars. My alliance doesn’t do this and we rarely have any issues.


Yeah they lowering the member count of their allaince to face easier foes in alliance war easier wins.

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A classic case of an alliance trying to cheat the rules of war, it won’t last in time the way everything is balanced will probably be changed so they won’t be able to minmax war

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I really don’t see how they can stop something like this. Unless they make it to where you have to have 25 people to enter the war. The only thing I can think of would be to take the average power of everyone. Multiply that by the amount of people it takes to bring them to 25 and add it to their total power. It would definitely stop sandbagging but may make it very difficult for alliances that are having trouble getting 25 players.

Similar to how PVP systems changed when we never thought it would, there are always new ideas and potential changes in the works, I am sure they will figure something out as game balance is important

I see, sad to see these loopholes being exploited

If the matching system calculate the power of the team base on top 20-25 heroes from each player in the team and calculate the average of those heroes and match each team base on that, it could be better? I promote fair fight as well :slight_smile: AW is all about teamwork and communication. It is sad to see unfair fight

Even if they did make it a must to have all 25 members they find a way. They create new accounts fill last 5 spots. Then you have same issue.

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