War - what are your minimums and who is actually playing?

Hi everybody!

My alliance is in the midst of determining our minimums for contributions to War. We’re a bit stumped on what the benchmark should be and the best we’ve got is; use all your attack points. We’re not sure on defences being a criteria as Officers can remove teams. Does anyone else have any other criteria or set minimums?

We’re also a bit confused on eligibility in War and how it’s displayed for Officers to see who’s contributing. My entire Alliance is always eligible, but there are more than 15 names (the amount of players in a War, right?) in our list when the War starts. This makes is hard for the Officers to tell who’s not contributing and who isn’t actually playing, unless I’m missing something?

Thanks for any help.

I’ll answer your last question first.

You have to have a minimum of 15 people to participate in alliance wars. Everybody in your alliance at the start of the war will be eligible to contribute.

Other than using battle points it’s really hard to determine how people should participate. Much is going to depend on your group. Some alliances are going to have almost everybody log on at one time for a coordinated attack. Others are going to set markers and as people have time, they should attack what is marked. One thing you should tell your people is take out the highest power defender they you can. Using the least amount of battle points. Even if somebody only has one or two battle points they may still find a team throughout the day to attack. But those instances don’t always pop up so you’ll have to be careful about reprimanding members for not spending every point.

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Now it makes sense! Thanks for explaining that. I just have missed it when the beta was rolling out.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll put it to my Alliance.