Clearing Campaign Mode Team Suggestion

I am currently stuck at Normal campaign mode 12-5 and Hard campaign mode 9-6. Can anyone share a team that you use to clear all the normal and hard campaign mode. Below are my current heroes. TIA.

There’s a lot of ways to min max or cheese the ai

For example Ronin Xianjiu Holloway Hivemind Moss (abuse Honorbound),

Mandrake Kunoichi Flatline Heimlock Dogface, two burst damages and three guys to annoy the heck out of the AI and make it near impossible for it to kill you, if you’re lacking damage replace Heimlock with like Razorback or something,

Butter Phalanx Razorback Moss Nightingale, if they kill three tanks and two healers they are insane,

Kobold Bucket Dogface Commando Flatline, the logic is simple, Kobold and Buckets shielding And healing ability are invaluable and allow winning against insurmountable odds, Flatline allows maximum abuse of Commandos Adrenaline Implant And just throw out the shields using Kobold to allow you to keep using The gold ability to overwhelm the opponent. Dogface is just there to deal that extra amount of damage

Francoise Caine Brogan Flatline Kunoichi, this one doesn’t look that strong but Francoise makes anyone a god, just have brogan power up francoise and francoise get Kunoichi buffed up. Target whoever the AI Stuns with taser and it’s gg for them. Caine is just a backup just in case they get past your 15% evasion rate (or if you need a defensive silencer). If you don’t have brogan you could use a generic shielder like Vanguard or Butter. And if Flatline dies out of nowhere congrats you have guerilla warfare to back you up

Moss Commando Nightingale Ryker Sentry, this team looks weak but consider that Moss gives everyone 5% critical rate and suddenly you see your team is unbeatable outside of healblock, strategy is easy, use Moss to transfuse, if there is a key target keep staggering them with sentry, otherwise lock in with nightingale and watch as commando and ryker keep healing themselves and dealing immense damage. Works well even against silence because platinums can’t be negated. You will laugh at the AI trying to beat you.

jarek Odachi Butter heckler any healer, you will basically be fighting 5v3 because you can disable just about anyone using overload and Jarek’s bronze+ silver is just terrifying to deal with. If they somehow survive odachi assassinates then. Rinse rinse repeat.

Bonus: Scum Cross Cinder Ifrit Chesterfield, I don’t know if this team works or not but AI is stupid and will keep on running around and triggering bear trap while being stupid slow thanks to showtime and Black Death. Then you deal the nail in the coffin as you rain on them with acid rain and cinders bronze. This is only theoretical and I haven’t tested it out but it looks promising since it is very punishing and has good combo. If the enemy team has too much bio maybe panzer can replace scum to allow cinder to use her gold and encourage ai to fall into bear trap


thank you for your effort to reply to my question…when you are talking about this combo, at how many * do you suggest?i am quite new to the game. to achieve platinum should be no problem for me. but to achieve high level of * will take quite some time…

Six or seven stars ought to do it. Remember, it’s possible to win a severely outmatched in firepower alone because AI doesn’t prioritize killing your healers allowing Flatline to hide in the rear, and invisibility is a huge weakness

It’s very important to prioritize powerful threats and control a character that you want to abuse the bronze of, Ive won massive 15~20% power gap matches this way with no deaths (10k vs 14k, 14k vs 17k)

which team did u usually use to clear up all the campaign mode, hard and normal?

I haven’t beaten entire campaign lol I’m not sure anyone has but theoretically I feel like ronin min max has best odds

i see…however this looks like a good guide for newbies like me…at least i know what to target/focus…thanks for all of your reply sir. really appreciate it.

I wouldn’t say you’re noob lol you’re like only two worlds away from the hardest level

Today I had the perfect display in gauntlet how to cheese ai, I had absolutely no business in winning this fight especially since Dogface died nearly instantly and I was down 4 to 5 with sentry being squishy as hell. But I took down Heimlock followed by Phantom and the rest was relatively easy because you can abuse lead the charge forever and ever. I have no clue how I won 23k (essentially 20k since Dogface had like 0hp lol) vs 27k But ai is a dumbo sometimes, keep trying different strategies and targeting different enemies and you’ll win absurd battles

hmmm…for your campain currently, im at 13-9, i woulduse this team: casttallion, mandrake, halo, flatline, and kuno

Interesting, I never really liked castillian but his shield wall could come in handy. Halo seemed kinda weird but I guess her offense defense mix isn’t shabby. I guess the benefit is that they don’t kill themselves like Butters draw fire or Razorbacks bronze.

Do you mean this is your most use team for the campaign?May i know what star are they now?

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Its nice to see how you think on how u using different strategy to beat the ai. Which stage of gauntlet is this?

at the least they are 7*. a couple are 8 but i beat them before witha 6* castallion

mandrake is 8 and kuno is 8.all others are 7

that team pulled me through dist 14 normal and hard.

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then that has been my main campaign team. i manual surge and root/lift whoever i want dead. they dont necessarily have to all be 10* like that but it helps.

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i guess kuno is very good huh?i thought she is very squishy…
heroes such as Artemis,dogface,castellan are not that good for campaign?

The tanks will draw fire from kuno. you just gotta make her last until the taunts. Also strangely for me they didnt target her unless i was attacking them first.
As for arty, dog, and cast i personally dont use them for campaign anymore but i know many experienced players still do. Dog used to be my fav but now hes just too slow for me.

noted sir…then i will slowly try to replicate your team…i think now i need to focus on upgrading them first…

But I noticed that ai seem to starting firing at the player first before any other tank, I usually have to hide a bit first in gauntlet before using a skill near death