Stuck on normal campaign 11-9. Did anyone beat it and what team composition did you have?

Basically a double boss battle against two really OP flying boyes. I could beat it but the controls kinda… suck, and my Heroes can’t seem to move around fast enough to dodge their attacks.

I used my “best” squad (the squad that tore through the previous districts with ease):

Lvl 71 Maven, 8 Stars, Platinum +0
Lvl 71 Salvatore, 8 Stars, Platinum +0
Lvl 71 Hivemind, 5 Stars, Platinum +0
Lvl 71 Cast, 7 Stars, Platinum +0
Lvl 71 Hardscope, 7 Stars, Platinum +1

I always try to have two tanks, two mids, and one rear-liner on my squad composition. I also try to have at least two Heroes that can heal (Hivemind and Hardscope). If you’ve got a better idea, tell me. 'Cause drones can only carry you so far.

I’m thinking of using more healers and survivalists (Flatline, Mandrake, Ifrit) instead of damage dealers, but they are all Green right now. I should probably start working on them…

You guys got any suggestions other than roasting me?

I think I took this combination:

All level 71, all 10* and all Plat +0
Maven, Mandrake, Dogface, Pris and Gammond (Gold no Plat)

Hardscope alone as a healer I believe not enough because he is a single healer. Matador, Gammond or Heimlock are the better choice

You need to bring tanky healers to this mission because those enemy jets can one-shot squishy heroes. Caine, Flatline, Gale…not sure any of them can survive a direct hit. Granted, my heroes are higher power but I crusied through this mission with 10* Panzer, 10* Dogface, 10* Mandrake, 10* Gammond, and 9* Heimlock, all Platinum.

Heimlock and Gammond provide healing, Panzer and Dog do the DPS, and Mandrake is the linchpin that holds it all together. If any of these guys take a big shot, it won’t be enough to kill them but they’ll go invis so they can catch a breather while waiting for healing. Good luck.

It is the normal campaign, so you don´t have to go full tank :wink:

But he needs some “real” healers. Heimlock and Mandrake would be good, maybe a quick heal like Nightingale or Caine and Maven and Dogface or something simmilar.

Dogface,maven,razorback,gammond and mandrake all plat worked for me for the whole campaign but sometimes I change maven for heckler if the enemys are bio.

L_G, No roasting here,
I approached 11-9 and saw they’re designed by dogface and they’re not alive I assume lol so that pretty deduces them to be of a an obvious mech type and as such I had success running bios based team with alternate healers right off the bat because the bio team you use does serious damage in maven and Salvatore.

Next look at your alternate heroes to use. Mandrake would be a good source to heal from plus he’s bio. Hivemind is great against living things especially like bio heroes but not really against mech (he’s energy) plus he’s weak in 5* I know he’s plat- good job, but feed him some bacon!

Cast is great such but he shoots slower than salvatore and I believe his damage is less but he stuns great but how effective was he at 7* Plat? He needs to kill with high damage to destroy.
So I’d run another bio like Ghoul for fast damage or phoenix for constant damage for the duration but again it depends on your alternates such as a Dogface a panzer a gammond or a razorback as mentioned above.

If you have those amd leveled up you did good.
Take a look at your gold heroes, you probably have more options. Lastly hardscope drone doesn’t team heal instantly. Do you have one of those healers? Again take a look at your gold heroes and try them out.
If it doesn;t work add another hero setup with more Bacon.
If it works …Add more bacon.

Good luck.

Oke. Gotcha. I’ll see the rest of my Golds (a lot of Golds)- try to go with everyone’s suggestions.

You have a serious obsession with bacon.

Edit: lol just saw your name. I see now. Go away.

The carriers or whatever they are are neutral. So the hero type you use against them doesn’t matter.

Maybe a bacon typed hero would do the trick but sadly he isn’t introduced yet :slightly_frowning_face:

As others said, you definitely need more healing. You only have it coming from Hardscope and Hivemind’s drones atm, and neither do enough to really keep you alive. Not only that your DPS takes awhile to build with heroes like Hivemind so you aren’t able to burst one of the helio jets down quickly. This creates double the problem for you.

I would get rid of Hivemind and Cast and replace them with either Nightingale, Heimlock, Ifrit, or Mandrake, depending who is the strongest in your roster. I would also get a stronger burst DPS in there if you only have 1 decent healer and aren’t going to bring 2. Cast might be ok to keep with his shielding.

Atm I am having trouble with the 11-9 hard version of this mission. I did the normal version no problem with 10* Dog, 9* Maven/Drake, and 8* Gale/Heimlock. However, for the hard version the AI is standing around and dying before I can get anything killed. Of course I think it’s worth mentioning the recommended level is 73k and my team I am using is only 60k. I think once I get Maven, Gale, and Mandrake to 10* and level 75 I should have no issues.