What team composition did you guys use for normal campaign 11-10?

This is basically the same question I had for 11-9, but for the final level for the district. It’s an actual literal crossover event and it’s terrible. Here’s the team I attempted the mission with:

  • 9 Star Platinum +1 Level 75 Maven, Max Skills
  • 8 Star Platinum +1 Level 75 Hardscope, Max Skills
  • 7 Star Platinum +0 Level 75 Kunoichi, Max Skills
  • 6 Star Platinum +0 Level 75 Hivemind, Max Skills
  • 7 Star Platinum +0 Level 75 Ryker, Max Skills

This is the team that got me to 3-star 11-9. I don’t expect it to 3-Star 11-10 anytime soon. I did start leveling damage Heroes like Dogface to relevant levels but my healers and shields are still far too under leveled. I want to know what Heroes I should be leveling so I don’t accidentally start leveling the wrong Heroes for this particular mission.

Fire away the scorch cannons.

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Dogface/Hivemind/Caine/Nightingale/Flatline all plat 7s except Flatline. Auto x3

Just won 3 star today
Savage gold 2 4*
Flatline gold 2 5*
Butter platinum 5*
Mauler gold 2 6*
Nithingale platinum 5*

You’re kinda late. But thank you.