Co-op PVP easy fix

I am loving the co-op PVP. It is such a fun new addition to this continually growing game.
I am concerned at the large variations in player match ups going on. Too often my team mate and I keep our powers equal but we get set up against a vastly overpowered high DPS hero (often Ruby) and three weak support opponents.
Suggestion: Lock in coop pop matches to be either Gold or Platinum. Then players have all their heroes locked in to, say, level 90, platinum, with maxed skills if they choose ‘Platinum’ and something similar, but lower for ‘Gold’.
I imagine it is hard to coordinate four random players to be equally powered each match so this would be an easy fix I assume.


Changing the power or upgrades of a hero would be no bueno, even if it would be for a temporary pvp match. It would make a lot of people upset and feel that their investment in their hero was for nothing.


If I am given the opportunity, I will make us face more bots instead of unbalanced matches . A balanced opponent ( Bot) with higher difficulty will give me satisfaction of playing the Co-op PVP even if I win or lose .

Now loosing against Unbalanced Team brings anger and frustration as we can’t do anything about it , however if I lose to a Superior Team Combination of Bot or in general the difficulty of Bots increased and I lose against them , I would accept that defeat .


How about we just get it to not disconnect, have black screens, invisible trains, or arbitrarily set my aim sensitivity to a billion, etc etc. that would be a nice start. I’ll worry about matchups after the twilight zone special effects are handled


Yeah, i was just about to start my rant about the constant crashes, disconnects and failed to load arenas… I lost a couple of games because of ■■■■ like that… it absolutely drives me mad and makes me wish to crush my devices or just crush anything out of frustration -.-

And it’s not even only the pvp, every damn coop event is crashing constantly… And it doesn’t even load me back in properly, i get nothing but a goddamn loading screen for the entire time…

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If they haven’t already, they should introduce bots to Co-op PVP, but ONLY if it’s two bot opponents. No bot partners.

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Bots have been in Co-op PvP since it was released.

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