Still haven’t fixed co op pvp

You did this back to back. Unreal

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It is so dumb, the total powers are so unmatched, it’s absolute hogwash

As mentioned in the countless coop pvp threads made, it’s not something that can be fixed overnight. It will take time to fix. Coop pvp is stressful of a mode. The bad matchmaking is reasons why one avoids it.

I see no problem here :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I find out today deca improve it a lot in current co op pvp event. They fix it by making match with almost same power bot’s in opponent. Yes. There are still few problems like mismatching specially for low level players. But it’s happening few times now. I thanks deca a lot for it and believe deca will fix it also.

This problem occurs once in a hundred games. pvp is much better

Bots have always had the game total power when matched, but aparently players don’t count

You be quiet mellow, you have rubies most of us don’t so there is nothing we can do about it,

Literally mint condition greens paired with fully maxed rubies


Sad Truth. Some of us don’t even have a few good heroes, that’s why pvp is a bit hard, we’re just spectators, the main players are lvl 100

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Then get maxed rubies :wink:


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