Commander bounty incentives

I don’t know if I am alone in the thought that it would be cool as a commander to have an incentive prizee to give to whom I choose in my Alliance after bounty for either highest score or most improved just a over all incentive to get guys competing against each other and pushing each other not any thing big just like a portrait that say which alliance and there score.and maybe after you win a couple trade them in for something better something you guys choose


So like just a unique extra prize aside from the overall prizes?

What kind of prize would it be though?

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Well it could not be anything that could be exploited that iz why I said a portrait but one unique to your Alliance and achievment and maybe if the devs think that maybe if you get 3 or five you could trade it for something useful in the game and the time between bounties and the amount you have to collect could hopefully keep ig from being exploited but i believe it would give a commander a tool and maybe make it that only the top 500 Alliance qualify so it’s. Not exploited by a bunch of alternate accounts

Nothing is stopping you as a commander from rewarding your alliance members with incentives. Play store codes work best.

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