Alliance bank

Hi i wanted to share my thoughts about missing options in The game like alliance bank for war coins or cash for bounty that can be won as an alliance when they rich certain rank in events?
Also alliance filter by joined date and from strongest to weakest? Thanks good weekend to you all

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This really good idea. War coins or bucks for Bounty Event may be even like part of global alliance rewards. Because many players have serious lack of this resources.

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People have talked about an alliance bank before.

Furthermore, if someone gets kicked for no reason, they’ll probably get mad at the Devs for putting in something like this even though it’s the players fault for dumping all their resources in, lol. Or they might just not use that many coins and it’d feel like a waste. But I like the idea about filters.

Consent pop up when someone want to donate would solve that problem. I dont think that problem would exist in serious teams where players are friends.

An understandable solution, but players get really salty when they heedlessly dump a bunch of materials into one area and then they proceed to lose those materials (due to their own fault or not).

Perhaps a 50% refund if they leave the alliance when they have materials in said bank would be a rational solution.

I dont know man, people get mad when they dont get what they want in crates
If they decide to add it eventually they shouldnt give any refund.

Yeah, people making dumb choices and then blaming others when it goes south happens all too often.

Yup, but I think we are focusing on the potential bad sides too much.
Would definitely be good thing, especially for war coins.
Like someone said above there could be rewards in some events that would automatically go towards alliance bank so there woupdnt be space for players complaining about investing.

What about an alliance bank for war coins only?

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