Alliance MVP Player

An alliance mvp player for war for who was the most useful for it. Maybe this player could get rewards for being the highest contributor?

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can be great for bounties.

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I think this is a great idea as it provides additional incentives for players to push further. Like Lazy said, this could be implemented for different game modes like bounties, war, maybe even pvp?

We’ve opted not to do this in the past because instead of coordination and teamwork, Alliances start competing with their own members, and it can lead to infighting and hurt feelings.

Will pass the feedback along, thanks


For pvp -looks great
If implemented in bounty alliance chat will be- I spend bucks/gold/real money to summon who hit my bounty I am leaving this alliance; someone please finish bounty, why is everyone hitting bounty with full health and leaving bounties with a little health remaining untouched; why are 5 people hitting the same bounty I am hitting
For war -everyone has 20 bp, how will system knows who is war coordinator, person with highest power may not be the one always in war who strategise, coordinate, place marker, finds missing bonus hero in sectors, truce.

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it’s all about team work, for instance, I spend 14mill every Bounty, I feel this is the right thing to do because I am commander ,also I do 10bill everytime to ensure victory and I summon for whole team no matter if they have cash or not,it’s all about leadership and I take no credit, even if they thank me for the big boost,I tell them it’s all because of them we are a team, This is how I run J3rks

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