Community Clash 2 - Winners Announced!

The results are in! We’ve made our selections! We’re excited to present the ten player-created teams that you will be facing in an upcoming Min’s Danger Simulator!

Hero sizes are not to scale :wink:

The order in which the winning teams are listed may not necessarily reflect their final order in the in-game event.

G O D L A N T E Presents: The God Squad!

Galante (Espresso), Galante (Espresso), Galante (Espresso), Galante (Espresso), Galante (Espresso)

K I N G P I N Presents: 1134’s Horror Show!!

Razorback (Pumpkin King), Ghoul (Trickster), Matador (Muerto), Xianjiu (Terracotta Titan), Cast (Sea Scavenger)

Vintermyst Presents: The Scorched Remnant!

Duran (Wasteland), Mandrake (Timberland), Dogface, Moss (Alchemist), Astrix (Dust)

QatarVIX Presents: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t!

Sapphyr, Lancer, Prophet, Mandrake, Artemis

Hvicca Presents: Whack-a-Mole!

Halloway (Scanline), Halloway (Scanline), Xianjiu (Terracotta Titan), Xianjiu (Terracotta Titan), Xianjiu (Terracotta Titan)

II BloodFest II Presents: The Legends!

Heckler (Hard Time), Nightingale (Combat Medic), Salvatore (Trench), Steele (Battle Hardened), Beck (Peck)

You Need Hearts Presents: Girls’ Night Out!

Min, Astrix, Keel, Panzer (Krieg), Halo (Frost Shock)

BOOMSAUCEMAN Presents: The Medieval Hunters!

Phalanx (Centurion), Castellan (Lord), Bolt, Artemis, Cross

NeonRage Presents: Electric Boogaloo!

Siren (Jubilee), Halo (Tinkerer), Surge (Super Conductor), Halloway (Scanline), Fortress (Ultraviolet)

Last but not least: your Final Boss is…

Ghastly presents: Leapfrog Stunners!

Gorgon, Shivs (Vice), Shank (Citrus), Jarek (Golden), Hideo (Avenger)

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to our Community Clash Contest. It was difficult to pick ten winners from so many great entries! We’re astounded by the level of creativity you’ve shown us. We hope to continue to do more events like this in the future.

The event will be coming in a future update, as content is prepared far in advance. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on when you’ll see it in-game!


Congratulations to all the winners this year! Looking forwards to fighting these teams and seeing you all in the community for the future to come :smile: :heart:


Sweeeet!!! Congrats everyone!


Ah man… I didn’t get picked. But who cares? The people chosen deserve it! Good job everyone and thank HHG for making this Community Clash happen again.


Congratulations to the winners, and thank you everyone for your submissions! There were a lot of clever, cool concepts presented, and it was neat reading them! Have a happy clash!


Seriously? How does an all galantes team win again? Its neither challenging nor creative!


I like robots. I was moved by this entry.


Congrats to all winners. I bet the decisions was tough. Lots of good entries.


What a shame. I was sure my tsundere squad would win!


My entry was apocalypse which was close to what Vitermyst has except for the name and that I had Razorback inatead of Astrix. What was the deciding factor between those? Razorback was for team stability and fits the apocalypse theme much better than astrix…

Da próxima nem perco meu tempo sempre os mesmos



I’m not going to go in depth as to why some people won and other didn’t. See the original post. Team comp was a general factor, but also, general attitude and standing in the community. If you won, congrats! If you didn’t, better luck next time.


My problem is not that I lost but rather the bias in how the winners are chosen. For example, a team of all galantes can win because they are well known throughout the community. pretty much what im getting from this is that people that arent as active in the community might as well not even put in submissions because they have a disadvantage and usually wont be considered over a community star.

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It’s right in the name, Community Clash. In addition to seeing cool team compositions, we want to recognize active community members. That’s always been the main purpose behind this event. This isn’t the last Community Clash, there will always be more opportunities to be picked in the future.


yes so dosent that still pretty much mean that less active community members might as well not submit anything?

No. They can still win by having good teams. As I said, we take a variety of things into account, including team composition, forum history, community contributions, whether that person is a sore loser, whether they have a defeatist attitude, etc. All kinds of things!


Congrats to all for winning


I’m kinda with Bam here: that all-Galante team was guaranteed to win. And we all know how much the community practically worships the robot.

But then again, we have the others that have the creativeness that I didn’t have in my post. I didn’t even realize that skins could be used as part of the team comp.


Pretty bias for Galante, creativity next to zero