Community Clash 2 is Coming! Enter Now!

Once again, it’s time to show our appreciation for the Hero Hunters community by immortalizing you in one of our favorite events! Prepare for Community Clash 2!

Ready to submit your team and have players face off against them in an upcoming Min’s Danger Simulator? Read on!

How It Works

  • Ten players will be chosen to become Community Champions! Selection is based on the entrant’s community standing, overall positive influence on the community, and quality of submission.
  • Those ten Champions will have their in-game name featured alongside their chosen team of five Heroes as a Boss Wave encounter in an upcoming Min’s Danger Simulator.
  • Players will be able to face those Boss Wave encounters during the Event, squaring up against an AI-controlled team of your design!
  • If you’re one of our selected Community Champions, you’ll prizes, including Gold and an Exclusive Portrait to show off to the world!

How to Enter

Reply to this post, and include the following:

Name: Include your in-game name, even if it’s the same as your forum name
Team Name: The name of your five-Hero team. Make it something interesting, and keep it clean!
Team Composition: Choose five Heroes. You can use duplicates of the same Hero, if you want! All teams are subject to developer approval. We’re looking for creative and interesting encounters! If a Hero has a Skin available, you can designate which Skin you want them to be wearing.
Team Description: A quick note outlining arguing the case for your team, and explaining any theme or convention you’ve chosen.

Sample Entry:

Name: Muninn
Team Name: Go Go Hideo Rangers!
Team Composition: Hideo, Sapphyr, Odachi, Kunoichi, Ronin
Team Description: All of the game’s ninja, gathered in one place. All damage! Many colors! No healing! No mercy!

But Wait, There’s More!

One of our ten Community Champion teams will be chosen to be the Final Boss Wave of this Event! They’ll need to include a Gorgon in their team composition, so they’ll get a chance to re-do their submission if chosen for this prestigious position. Plus, they’ll earn an additional Exclusive Portrait and an upcoming, unannounced Hero!


The following Heroes are excluded:

  • Phoenix
  • 4CEP
  • Flatline
  • Ifrit
  • Gammond

If you include one or more of these Heroes in your submission, it will not be accepted as a valid submission.

Entries are due by Friday, February 14th at 12:00PM PST! Limit one entry per user!

Thanks, Hunters, and good luck!


Name: Ghastly
Team Name: Leapfrog Stunners
Team Composition: Shank, Shivs, Hideo, Jarek and Fischer
Team Description: Love how many jumping stunners we have in the game, all dps, all killer punches and kicks and the amazing elbow slam! You shouldn’t get a chance to even move, you should be stunned, double stunned and knocked back until your whole team is down!


Name: G O D L A N T E
Team Name: The God Squad
Team Composition: Galante, Galante, Kurtz, Galante, Galante (If I end up as the final boss, I’d like 4 galante’s and one gorgon)
Team Description: Everyone likes a good meme. So I have unleashed the Godlante’s! Godlante is THE meme of Hero Hunters. And Kurtz of course, our leader >:)


Team Name: Biolightning Salvation
Team Composition: Cinder, Astrix, Kubold, Siren y Phalanx
Team Description: Health and shield great blows and certain death, can you against that? Try it if you can…

A Bartender’s last paper straw
Klayton, Shivs, Mauler, Shank and Halo
You guys done did it now, you made Klayton very upset, after weeks of locking himself in his room, Klayton decided to get the rest of the People’s Guard to come after YOU. Get a team together and prepare for a showdown and show who’s the strong guy/girl/toaster/coffee maker/robot around here.


Name: J A D O
Team Name: DPS Squad
Team Composition: Sapphyr (Ultralight), Ronin (Street Samurai), Kunoichi (Apprentice), Panzer (Krieg), and Mavin (Midnight).
Team Description: I hope you got a healer on your team! Cause if you want to survive longer than 10 seconds, you’ll need one! Maybe two!


Name: 2old4thi5
Team Name: Killers with K
Team Composition: Kaishi, Keel, Kobold, Kunoichi, Kurtz
Team Description: Club for teammates with K as name’s first initial.

PS - Klayton is not allowed here!!!
Klayton: I want to join you!
Kurtz: Get lost, brat!

Klayton: I took my pills! What about now?
Kurtz: Welcome! Go to soccer bench over there…

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Team name: Huckers
Team composition: Lancer, Ghoul, Cinder, Salvatore, Maven
Description: Let’s play catch… :wink:
Also enemies start skills full charge and recharge faster for more explosions :grin:
BTW why is phoenix not allowed? I understand the others (edit: OK I know now)

Name: Hot Feet
Team Name: Outnumbered
Team Composition: Hivemind, Xianju, Caselton, Hivemind, Hardscope
Team Description: Better act fast or your going to find yourself…Outnumbered!

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Yee yee !!! Lol good luck. Hope they choose you.

Name: K I N G P I N
Team name: 1134s Horror Show
Team composition: -Razorback (pumpkin king skin) -Ghoul (trickster skin) -Matador (muerto skin) -Xianjiu (terracotta titan skin) -Cast (sea scavenger skin)
Team description: Welcome to Hells Horror Show!! A movie with 4 short films starring each horror hero. With your host running the show…

Name: 61R
Team Name: The Slabs
Team Composition: Chesterfield, Prophet, Brogan, Mauler, Alvarez
Team Description: The kind of random folks you’d run into in the borderlands

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Name: Cpt Lappo
Team Name: Ultimate Robot Showdown
Team Composition: Galante, Heckler (legendary skin), Anvil, the MAU-08 and the Gorgon.
Team description: This is the last level, not the most difficult but the most challenging.
Once the MAU-08 is eliminated, the Gorgon will appear accompanied by Galante and his two heralds Heckler and Anvil…

Let the party begin

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Haha, thanks Cali. I’m assuming that’s you with your yee yee :joy:

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Name: TH3 F47H3R.
Team name: Squires.
Team compositions: vanguard, caine, bucket, butter, koboldo.
Team description: an extraordinary defenses that it will not be easy for you to move to the next level, a wall of terror,

Yessir lol that’s me :joy:

Name: Vintermyst

Team Name: The Scorched Remnant

Team Composition: Dogface, Mandrake (Timberland), Duran (Wasteland), Moss (Alchemist), Astrix (Dust) (Changed to Astrix since she now has a skin to match, hope that works :grimacing:)

Team Description:
Do you want a team that is the MOST rugged, rough-edged, hard-nosed group of survivors there is, one who has perfected their apocalyptic yet rather dysfunctional attire? (“Duh of course Vinter!”) Well say no more fam!

This brutish group of fellas has survival down to a T (although they don’t know that the word ‘survival’ doesn’t have a T in it. Spellin’ ain’t a necessity in survival folks.) Either way, a balanced blend of damage and healing keeps this gravelly group off the sizzler.

But do you know what this group REALLY has? PURE AWESOMENESS. Need I say more? :smirk:


Dogface, Dogface, Galante, Min, Salvatore
Woof woof

*Oh yeah, Phoenix wanted in, but Muninn was like
N A W :point_up::angry:

It’s nothing personal about Phoenix et al. Currently, Revive Heroes cause problems in the Simulator, so we’re not able to include them for performance reasons.


Oh I know, I just thought it was kinda funny. :joy: (I took it out just to clarify that it was a joke)