Community Clash 3 is Coming! Enter Now!

Once again, it’s time to show our appreciation for the Hero Hunters community by immortalizing you in one of our favorite events! Prepare for Community Clash 3!

Ready to submit your team and have players face off against them in this Fall’s Min’s Danger Simulator Event? Read on!

How It Works

  • Ten players will be chosen to become Community Champions! Selection is based on the entrant’s community standing, overall positive influence on the community, and quality of submission.
  • Those ten Champions will have their in-game name featured alongside their chosen team of five Heroes as a Boss Wave encounter in an upcoming Min’s Danger Simulator.
  • Players will be able to face those Boss Wave encounters during the Event, squaring up against an AI-controlled team of your design!
  • If you’re one of our selected Community Champions, you’ll prizes, including Gold and an Exclusive Portrait to show off to the world!

How to Enter

Reply to this post, and include the following:

Name: Include your in-game name, even if it’s the same as your forum name
Team Name: The name of your five-Hero team. Make it something interesting, and keep it clean!
Team Composition: Choose five Heroes. You can use duplicates of the same Hero, if you want! All teams are subject to developer approval. We’re looking for creative and interesting encounters! If a Hero has a Skin available, you can designate which Skin you want them to be wearing.
Team Description: A quick note outlining arguing the case for your team, and explaining any theme or convention you’ve chosen.

Sample Entry:

Name: Muninn
Team Name: Go Go Hideo Rangers!
Team Composition: Hideo, Sapphyr, Odachi, Kunoichi, Ronin
Team Description: All of the game’s ninja, gathered in one place. All damage! Many colors! No healing! No mercy!

But Wait, There’s More!

One of our ten Community Champion teams will be chosen to be the Final Boss Wave of this Event! They’ll need to include a Gorgon in their team composition, so they’ll get a chance to re-do their submission if chosen for this prestigious position. Plus, they’ll earn an additional Exclusive Portrait and an upcoming, unannounced Hero !


The following Heroes are excluded:

  • Phoenix
  • 4CEP
  • Flatline
  • Ifrit
  • Gammond

If you include one or more of these Heroes in your submission, it will not be accepted as a valid submission.

Entries are due by Friday, June 26th at 12:00PM PST! Limit one entry per user!

Thanks, Hunters, and good luck!


YESSSSSSS! Oh the excitement.

Name: Gamer37XDEC
Team name: The Rapture Dream
Team composition: Cast(sea scavenger), Cast (barnacle), Cast(barnacle), Cast(base skin), Cast(base skin).

Honestly just like the idea of an all cast enemy team. They’d each get harder to kill the more you shot them, they’d be silencing half your team every couple seconds, and it would look awesome beyond words.


Name: 61R
Team Name: Shaw Shank Redemption
Team Composition: 4 shank and 1 Shiv to give them that bonus. And they have the alt skins for extra power.

Team Name: Kurtz Retribution
Team Comp: Kurtz, Striker, Hivemind, Xanjie (I can’t spell) and Halloway


Nickname: KOLGAN
Team name: IMMORTALS
Team description: You will be at a loss and do not understand who to shoot first. just stand and wait for defeat.



Name: G O D L A N T E
Team Name: The Watch
Team Composition: Yeager, Oro, Heckler, Matador, Artemis
Team Description: The second best team under The God Squad

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Name : M E L L O W
Garden Warfare, : 2 Prisses with gardener skin, A beefy Klayton, And 2 Briars : these lady’s and… Gentleman? have a bad taste for BLOOD RED FLOWERS
Team 2 : Ugly is the new beauty. Simply 3 Klaytons and 2 Razorbacks
Simply just the ugliest faces this game has to offer, covered in bruises ‘n bandages they get uglier every time you beat them


Name: Gohji
Team Name: The Golden Boys
Team Composition: Jarek (golden), Castellan (lord), Caine (cabal), Torque, Yeager (meister)
Team Description: Unleash the Shiniest Power of Hero Hunter, brighter you are, stronger you will be :slight_smile:

And a proof that the team work :slight_smile:


Stone age :
5 Xianjui’s, hard as rock, these guys are assure you you you will have no unbroken bone left!

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Name: II BloodFest II
Team Name: The Dream Team
Team Composition: Serial, Duran, Mariana, Halo, Siren
Team Description: The Team That Brings The Lighting Show And The Damage Power.


Name: Y0sai
Team Name:Doomsday-Machines Strike Back
Team Composition: Klayton(Cybernetics), Anvil, Clyde, Chesterfield, Yeager
As factions battle it out for territory, 4cep has been scheming the day when the machines can truly take over the world that was left. Having built a factory that produces mechanical soldiers, and created a machine to control every single existing robots in the area, 4Cep has finally build his army over the recent months and now has mobilze it to seek and destroy any opposition to the movement.

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Name: Cpt. Lappo
Team Name: Klaytoned
Team Composition: Klayton (Bling), Klayton (Bling), Klayton (Bling), Klayton (Bling), Klayton (Bling).
Team Description: Our big guy got cloned, but the clones went crazy.
They can no longer distinguish themselves from the real ones and are causing panic in the city pretending to be the original.

you can thanks me later


I’ll thank you now. That’s all I had to say but the twenty character limit thing yelled at me.

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Team Name: Catch me if you can!
Team Composition: Mandrake, Mandrake, Mandrake, Mandrake, Mandrake,
Team Description: Where am I?

Not the first time I try this combo, but I’m curious to see them all together. Hint: they are easy to be killed with Siren and Halo but challenge yourself by not using that lineup if you face them :wink:


NAME OF THE TEAM: Biochemical Pandemic
TEAM COMPOSITION: Maven, Irezumi, Cinder, Astrix and Briar
TEAM DESCRIPTION: A green cloud will cover the stage, only they can change the panorama of reality! Try it I’ll say dare…


Name: Gypsyavenger05
Team Name: the magnificent seven(stars)
Team composition: Brogan, Kurtz, Serial, Artemis, Prophet
Team description: All the the seven stars here to beat you down!

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Name: Maverick101
Team Name: The Untouchables
Team Composition: Astrix, Nightgale, Alvarez, Sentry, and Moss
Team Description: All the snipers in game band together to take out the enemies from afar, hiding and waiting patiently for their enemies to make their move and take them out one by one. Their motto, “one shot one kill”.

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Name: 2old4thi5
Team Name: Hero Hunters Logo
Team Composition: Fortress, Mauler, Bolt, Keel, Moss
Team Description:


Name: Ghastly
Team Name: Eat Your Serial!
Team Composition: Serial, Marianas, Halo, Baron, Butters
Team Description: People looooove to complain about rollers! And as butters always says, Eat your food! So much so that it’s engraved on every helmet in the game, so it’s time to eat your breakfast, Serial style :sunglasses:. Let his impenetrable shield Fire back every ounce of damage you throw at this team while marianas starts the light show. Butters is a god, just there to watch you fizzle under his godly biceps


Name: K I N G P I N
Team Name: Say Hello To Our Little Friends!
Team Composition: -Castellan (Lord) -Hardscope (battle hardened) -Hivemind (vimana) -Striker (KLG) -Mandrake (timberland)
Team Description: With them we are unstoppable. Without them we are useless. Our bond is stronger then your bullets. Our skills will trick your sight and break your face!! SAY HELLO TO OUR LITTLE FRIENDS!!!

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Im surprised to see limited kurtz teams.
Usually people can’t win without it. :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

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