Community Clash 2023!

IGN: BasherBendog8
Team name;

Western Warriors

Description; Just a bunch of cowboys that all fit the rootin tootin western theme. They ain’t gonna walk away from a fight, and will stand in the community’s way if picked.

Clyde; Rare “Lone Outlaw” skin
Duran: Mythic “Bandit” skin
Marlowe; Rare “Calamity” skin, (or no skin)
Gammond; Rare “Farva” skin, (or no skin)
Krieger; Rare “Space Sheriff” skin

If Gammond is not possible, than replace him with a second Clyde with the “Lone Outlaw” skin
(If I win final wave replace Gammond with the Gorgon)


happy birthday! nice the tin can is no longer one!

FUERZA4RMAD4AZTEKA Hollowey Verrill. Voltage. Qassary. Ballista. Team Name: Club Of Hunters (COHS)

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Team Name:Forgotten

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Team name: To the verge of reality

Team composition: Silhouette (zen), Revenant, Fiber (Melpomene), Stygia (myth skin i forgor the name), Quasary (rare skin i forgor the name)

Team description: i just wanted to make the most unreal, “etherial” team with the most out of place looking heroes. Thats it. No further explanations. keep scrolling


Name: Ninjabros2
Team Name: Tridents Turbulent Awakening
Team Composition Mythic Summer Vibes “Caine”, Rare Sea Scavenger “Cast” , Rare Sea King “Magnus”, Mythic Valve “Ursus”, Rare King Fish “Commander”
Team Description a new portal has opened in the sea and spun out a whirlpool as a portal ; this portal is very similar to those that were observed on Zero day except that it had first started in the middle of the city. This whirlpool is said to have been caused by the ancient city of Atlantis which as tales have told have sunk below the sea. More recently it has been concluded by the local meteorologists that the recent naughty weather have been caused by the disturbance at sea.

insert oracle, quasary, nyx, arty, fiber, and everyone else you hate fighting in the scaling

Salty Texan

MK.2, Bypass, Clyde, Galante, Quasary

“The droids you’re looking for”


Name- The Ghost101
Team name- Ghost rider
Team- Quasari, matador, homerun, venom, bypass


Team name : Greek mythology

Team : siren Halo matador Poseidon and Fisher

Let’s face it Greeks invented everything. First we have Zeus’s daughters with a good old lightning bolts, Matador AKA Hercules Hercules going berserk, Poseidon Zeus’s brother nuff said, and finally Greeks invented invented amphibians so throw in the frog man.

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Team name - Super Soldiers
Team - Serial, Bypass, Nyx, Richter and Ballista.

Super soldiers are a death squad sent back through time to elminate everyone that comes across there path. They fear no one and will show no mercy.


Team name : Try me let you high

Ballista Serial Ursus Barrel Bucket

Wanna attract your allied friends’ attentions ,release your pressure, sometimes you would get a little hurt, but may let you all “fly” high “to the sky”

Said by sadistic Ballista

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In game name : TrialZee
Team name : The Summoners Shenanigans

Composition :
Commander (KingFish skin), Castellan (Apex Sentinel skin) , Hivemind (Wastelander skin), Halloway (Archetype skin), Striker (Common skin)

Description :
Prepare yourself for a showdown in the digital realm !!
Lead by Commander, this geeky summoners team has the most savvy tech to filled up the battlefield with their gadget… Drones, turrets, holo soldiers… You named it all… Get ready to face a chaotic battle !!

Additional Perks : Each heroes of this team will enter the battlefield with a full charge bronze skill…


In Game name : isagi
Team name : Just 5 seconds

At the start of the match oracle will attack enemies and active kriger’s 3th power and kriger’s 3th power will active halo’s 4th power this combination will active in 2 seconds,then enemies want to kill one of us at this moment quasary’s shield will active and heal us, all of the enemies that they were attacked by oracle will aim oracle and if oracle dies kurtz’s power will active and kill all of the enemies in just 5 seconds, if kurtz die before he active his powers Oracle’s orbital bombard will active kriger’s power on every enemies and then all of the enemiesare dead, why i like this team? Cuz it is the fastest way to clear the battlefield


Name; Mr Convenience
TEAM NAME: Critical Edge

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my team name is the equalizer
team composition:
at the start of the fight the shields of phalanx will protect us and at the same time increase the damage of other allies. voltage and bypass are gods of damage or the skill of quasary transfers the damage to two enemies which will allow the opponent to be quickly destroyed .at the same time barrel and quasary will protect allies when the effect of phalanx shield wears off

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Team Name: The Hunters Initiative

Team Composition: Alcatraz , Bypass (Overclocked), Ballista (Fiend), Obrez, and Everest (Hood)

Team Description: There was an idea, to bring together a group of of remarkable hunters to see if they could become something more. To see if they could work together when we needed them to, to fight the battles that we never could. Razorback died still believing in that idea… believing in hunters.


Team name : destruction
Team composition: voltage,Oracle,ritcher,quasary,cyber
When the match start volt will stun heros ,and ritcher will stun and disoriente heros, quas
will stun and get her sheild and when someone use a shiled cyber skill charge faster and break the shiled

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name: jdiaz team name: caos team composition: fiber,voltage,quasary,verrill,ballista



Team Name: Fair Play
Team name comes from the notion, “turnabout is fair play”. This team features heroes that will invalidate the actions of their enemies, or punish them. The emphasis here is on heroes with both active and passive skills that directly counter attempts to down this team. Costumes are unimportant and up to developers

Kurtz: Fierce Retaliation punishes enemies for downing Kurtz’s allies

Ballista: Void Reprisal and Void Surge punish direct damage

Serial: Reactive Iridium Armor is literal punishment for damage dealt, and You’re Coming with Me tries to take opponent down with him

Kaishi: Vengeance Strike punishes active skill usage and Duelist can convert debuff to strength

Fiber: Hack.Heal turns damage dealt into healing and Hack the World zeroizes damage while there is cover