Community Project: Super Faction

Super Factions… and what’s that?
Simply put, I’ve created two factions that are the union of several factions, but we’ll talk about that in the future.

What is this project?
These two factions have a list of 50 heroes each, and you will fill it.
It’s nothing to do with the game, but if you want to participate, the only things you have to do are:

  1. Create a new hero (everything, use your imagination).
  2. Put as a faction one of the two.
  3. and tag me

Then there’s a couple of things you don’t have to do.

  1. don’t use an existing hero or someone else’s concept (I sees it difficult, but you never know).
  2. Don’t change sides at the last minute (you’ll confuse me and I’ll eliminate you from the list).
  3. do not spam

What are these two factions? and a little bit of Backstory.

The Order of Purists:
Also known as Purists or Pacifists.
Founded by Gabriel, the Purists are volunteers, warriors and ordinary people dedicated to peace and order.
Members 5/50

The Horde
A huge army without a seat controlled by the Governor, a ruthless figure who came from nowhere and immediately put the entire United States to iron and fire.
Members 6/50


I will constantly update the lists until they are full.
If I see a faction fill up earlier, I’ll automatically move the heroes left out.
I give you 2 month of time, if within the limit I don’t see the full lists I will try to equate them, I will place a couple of my heroes and then I will post the two complete factions with your concepts

Other Notes

I realize that 100 heroes are a lot and by Friday everyone will forget I exist, but, come on.
it’s a nice thing, and then who knows if something like this is really gonna happen in the future?

*Pure and Dark Heronium are two new elements that I am working on.
Then one day I will post them

it seems obvious but, “create the hero” you have to do it in your post and don’t write it below because I won’t consider it


Seems cool, very original

Love this, I’d want to help, but one thing: how do you want the hero submissions again? You say in a post, but not in the comments below. Do you want a whole other topic? Or dm you?

Also what do you want us to include? abilities, backstory. Since this topic just closed dm me