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This comment made me take a look at factions and heroes, in order to find what makes a group of people a faction.

There are some well defined factions, like UAF, where their color scheme is similar and most of them have UAF logo in their armor (Hivemind is the only one I couldn’d find it), or Patriots, where all of them have really advanced technology (Two power armors, a invisibility suit, a device that controls gravity and a defibrillator that can be used as a long range weapon).

The KLG Irregulars honor their name, too. They look like a bunch of people who excel at their own fields, and Kurtz employs them because of their skills despite them being somewhat eccentric (as if it were an anime group, like One Piece protagonists).

But then we have The Watch or People’s Guard, that look like a mix of random characters.

Take a look at the Morlocks. They are people living in the sewers. They seem to have some kind of tribal society, where fighting for fun is normal, and the strongest one leads the rest (Razor sits on a throne in front of an arena, where he wants to fight you). Some of them wear post-apocalyptic like clothes (Maven, Razor and Phoenix). They look something straight out of Fallout world or similar. And then, we get Callidus. A woman wearing a power-armor, advanced technology. The total opposite of the tribal society I had pictured with Morlocks. Or Heimlock, a guy who is wearing some kind of military medic uniform. They don’t look from the same faction, in my opinion.

We also have the Shoremen. They seem to be some kind of naval group. Cast and Fischer look like military divers in armor. Keel has also a diving suit. And then we get Moss. I mean… Moss looks to me like the ideal Morlock.

This gets worse when we take a look at the story. Matador is from The Watch and fights against you a few times during the campaign, siding with Kurtz. Artemis, also from The Watch, helps you during the district 7, on the underground train, to reach Kurtz more easily. Are they with Kurtz or against him?

I know factions are still a work in progress, and that these things could be changed next patch, making this post pointless, but… what factions do you personally think are designed as a consistent group? Which ones would you change, if any? I’d like to hear community’s opinion on this matter.


what a great idea we definitely need more modification on faction’s puprpose and looks.


The UAF, KLG, and the Morlocks all look like they sort-of belong in their faction. Well except Heimlock, like you mentioned (how is he in Morlocks?).

What about the rest of the Heroes, though? If the dev’s have never placed them in factions, we would have never have found out that giant-robo-daddy Galante is associated with the Magistrates.

Idk, all I want from the dev’s are skins that can tie each hero to their faction; something on the skins that would allow us to more easily identify the faction the heroes are in.

Who exactly are the Patriots? That’s what I am Curious about

Are you serious? It’s the heroes getting focused on right now. Go to the solo raid rn and all the heroes that are allowed to be used are the Patriots faction.

I think you didn´t really get the intention of this thread. He just had some thoughts on how the Factions were initally put together, how they chose, which hero is in which fraction.


I meant as, Lorewise who exactly are these Patriots? Are they with or against the KLG?

In one of the raids there was a text, saying they ran away and hide away during the war, training and preparing to strike back when the time is there, something like that if I remember correctly

When the June patch came, there was a message about Patriots on inbox.

As Kraterios said, they are a group from an old country who went into hiding and prepared to restaure the glory of their country.

The names and descriptions of the event raids we have been getting this month reinforce this. One was called ‘Old Glory’ and the current one is called ‘Keepers of the Dream’

The Patriots are inspired on a USA-like country. They are literally patriots that will fight for their (American) dream. Even their logo seems to be inspired on USA flag

It could be a fictional country, or the very same USA we know. Since we don’t have a lot of lore, we can’t really know.

Answering your question, in all this month events Kurtz has been opposing them. So they are definitively against him. That doesn’t necessarily make them ‘good’ . They could be fighting Kurtz just because he is the obstacle in their path toward their dream. They could have fighted UAF too, if they interfered with the Patriot’s plans. Maybe


UAF feels like the UN imo

As in real life, there are rarely Good and Bad teams. Anyone could be seen as the enemy, it is all a matter of perspective. Additionally not every nation or faction subscribes to the idea of a uniform or organized army.

Some factions like the People’s Guard are largely based on a core of volunteers and local Militia. These efforts are all funded by pre-collapse gangs and cartels who have used their considerable wealth to hold onto and multiply their grip on the city after the official Governments have fallen to shambles.

Other factions like The Watch are little more than a loose association of independent vigilantes. Each of their leaders controls their own Neighbourhood Watch and functions largely without any sort of oversight leading to large amounts of in-fighting. Many of The Watch’s sub-factions are aligned with or against Kurtz and others choose to avoid the conflict whenever possible.

Factions like The Morlocks subscribe to an anarchist lifestyle choosing to abide by a “no rules” rule and elect their leaders through barbaric fights to the death. They aren’t all bad though, as Heimlock wasn’t always a Morlock, but they are the only ones willing to look past his checkered history. There are also unspoken ‘rules’ as even choosing the wrong benefactors can get you exiled, as Cross has found out the hard way.


Awsome, I also had a feeling that after the klg black ops month we’re fighting the klg with the Patriots this month

That was some nice lore :smiley:

I’ve always been interested about the lore of this game, and how we fight some characters of one faction, the Watch for example, but some members of that faction will also help us as well. It seems like there’s some confusion though about the Patriots, and from what I’ve gathered in game from the raids and when the message first came out about them being the featured faction, they are essentially the Patriots of the former United States (it does mention the US specifically in game). They emerged from their bunkers years ago, and they’ve been fighting with the KLG all that time while they’ve tried to restore the United States. They come off as heavy handed, as anyone who disagreed with their vision was seemingly made to accept it or killed. They have their own view of how to restore the world, and the KLG appears to be a major roadblock for them. This is what I’ve gathered from the raids, but this is my perspective on the matter. I’m curious to see what others think

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So… How prepared are your UAF heroes for the coming month?
My 5* Hivemind and 6* Oracle will do their best bit they’re awful lonely. I will put some into Butter, probably making him Gold, and once I unlock Panzer I will focus on her. But I won’t have a productive UAF month I think.

It’s kind of a letdown that this is the second month with a very “blue” faction. My energy equipment is lacking since the Patriots month.