Faction... War?

i was thinking about the pvp faction wars where you can win a golden ring. well they call them “faction wars” but in reality it’s just a tournament with only those 2 factions to choose from. so i thought of an idea, you have a faction war, and when you enter for the first time you have to pick one of the two factions available. once you pick your faction you can’t change it for the rest of the tournament and you can only use heroes from that faction… and to ensure an actual faction vs faction event, you can only be matched against people who picked the opposite faction from you. or even if you could pick either faction every time you entered to play, but same rules as you can only use heroes in the faction you select and your only opponents will be people who chose the opposite faction. basically it’s the same as my original idea except instead of picking a faction at the start and being stuck with it, you get to pick or select the faction you want to use every match…

does that sound interesting?? just thinking it gets boring doing the same stuff over and over, and that’s why i enjoyed the halloween event i assume. anyway… any other creative ideas?

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