Congratulations to xUsMarinex! First player to reach Team Level 100!

Are HHG hiring? My dream job

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@Draco You can always look online to see what positions there are and what you’re qualified in.

Wow, this is really a great step, and so much an effort and dedication, congratulations hero, you are truly and amazing hunter

DAMN marine great job you deserve it bro if you have time send me a challenge would like to see them ruby heros in action. ||Redbat||

Bruh, how. I wonder how much did they spend…

He spent a lot, I worked it out but am not gonna blurt it out here as it’s his prerogative to share it if he wants

I hate to think how much it must have cost. Kudos anyway! The developers deserve whatever it takes to keep them working on this game. Over two years playing it and i am still hooked.


it’s all good) but when will there be information about the equipment ??):grin:

If someone called me dog balls i’m not certain i would be flattered…is this some ancient custom from your side of the primordial ooze? Asking for a friend…

Funny you think basic math could be offensive.

Oh hey guys, whats goin on…