The Real Ruby

So, I want to bring this topic up because I feel like it’s the right thing to do. First, thank you for reducing the requirements to upgrade to ruby. Second, this is not by no means a complaint and in no reason a post for all to bash the players I’m going to bring up.
Hater and Marine set out on a goal to reach level 100 and ruby their heroes way before all of us could. Yes, it was their choice they made but we all have our own choices to make. So, do not judge them and try to bash them. I can’t speak for Marine but I’ve gotten to know Hater. He’s a very good man and a very active player that likes playing this game. I have a lot of respect for him. In those regards, I would like to ask is there anything Hero Hunters can do for them? I’m not bringing up refunds or anything ridiculous like that. But they set the bar for all of us to chase after. There’s a lot of respect for that. Had they known this reduction was going to happen then they very well may have just strived for level 95. I’m asking you, the developers, to do something out of the ordinary for them to show the recognition they deserve. A lot of people can complain about how OP they are but we all agree what they both did was pretty awesome. There’s enough bad things that happen in life. Let’s do some good for the real ruby players.


I feel terrible for them and honestly anyone who was pushing for ruby. Gters just hit level 99 when they announced it. What’s the point level 100 now?

Here here! Marine and Hater are truly the real rubies! In fact, anyone at or above 95 before this change are really amazing in my eyes! So much respect as their love for the game is real.


I know Marine got praised by the HH devs for being the first one to make it to 100 and get that Ruby hero. It was a huge milestone. Initially, it’s gonna take majority a while to get to 100, but 95 isn’t that far for us either. Ultimately it’s up to HH what they choose. Who knew about the changes and they were to happen. In the time that has passed between the Ruby announcement and the 95 Ruby, im still far from it.


I agree on this one, they did do hard work for about nothing really much, maybe give them a few ruby cores? I dunno


This was my exact thought. But since they took their money already they won’t do anything and try to blow all this under the rug. It undermines everything they did, the money, time, & effort. They deserved the advantage they earned. I think Marine at least could settle and be happy with the personal little congratulations graphic they made for him that took 1 minute

Edit: Apparently I’m “spamming” this same comment because I’m replying to posts that literally have my exact thoughts in mind & not giving valud criticism. I was given a warning LMAOOOOO
They’re aware of the criticisms but are choosing not to address it purposely


It was their choice to spend money on stamina. I personally don’t see why they would be entitled to extra things from the developers. Getting the recognition from the devs was really cool IMO.

Only the few in here commenting care much. As for the rest out there, level 95 for Ruby. Hell yeah!!!

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