Ruby Salvage

As the description states, I keep checking back soon each and everyday. I got the itch to ruby 5 bar a hero and I’m wondering if and when the ruby salvage gear will be released? Also, asking for a friend.


Cause you know, every hero needs an apple and cassette tape. :joy:

Sidenote - Woah! You’re at Ruby +4?! Nice. :+1:t2:


Damn, I have a ruby at level 98 and it sucks playing those four bar level 100 rubies lol. Proud of you tho, keep up the good work my friend!

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Ruby + 4 like it’s hard :slight_smile: @J_A_D_O


Nice looking icon. :bird:

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Wow! I’m only plat+5 Congrats! You know Serial needs to listen to music every now and then.


Funny. I just took a screenshot of that because I wanted to do the same post. Now that we got a ruby mk6 that’s the only item I miss for a 5bar Serial. That may help for 5-5 extreme and further.

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I think 7-2 extreme would be the perfect mission to introduce the ruby salvage item into the game

Uaaaah, you’re killing me mikejones! Lol
I can’t even think about district 7.

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I tried to recruit Mike Jones to join EXTAC before. He’s a very good player in this game.


I feel like a loser stuck at 3-10 extreme lol

This thread is neither dead or answered. So I’m popping it up again. Any information possible?



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Nothing to offer. As we’ve stated before, we’re not able to answer every question, and summoning us/pinging us will not guarantee a response to your question. Thanks.


I anticipated that answer but it was worth a try.
At least you know that we’re very excited about that.

There is always a point where there are more theoretical Grades to obtain, but the required items aren’t available yet. That’s always going to be a constant. There’s nothing to do but wait for those items to be released through future Districts content and/or offers.

In not even there but stuck on extreme 1-2 Somehow managed to pass the first one with 10star plat5 Razor and 9star plat 4 Artemis.:grin::grin:

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