Constant staggering of heros when shooting an enemy

As title says the hero you control is randomly being staggered throughout games, generally after landing a shot but sometimes its for no reason. This is extremely annoying and needs to be fixed asap. Thanks


I Fully agree, it is so often in each match after the update and has become frustrating and annoying, ruin a lot of the flow playing the game…

Theres a bug with mandrake plat ability, if u dont have him on the team , theres no stagger

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I concur with Abhijama. Removing my plat Mandrake stopped the stagger for me. And it only seems to occur when I attack enemies that are at full health (consistent with mandrake’s plat ability).

Exactly, It’s annoying and tired. Staggering issues is not limited to certain characters or stage. bounty, pvp, pve everywhere.

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