Thought the bouncing was supposed to be fixed, guess not!

So the hero’s getting bounced over and over again was supposed to be fixed but if it was, it was poorly executed. Time and time again hero’s get bounced 3, 4 & 5 times in a row making reload or using of skills impossible. Happens over and over again all the time. It’s absolutely terrible at times. I get the point of the bounce when cover breaks but bouncing hero’s continuously to the point of having absolutely no chance to reload or fight back is ridiculous

I’m not sure what you mean by a supposed fix. Getting staggered is part of the game, and if you’re able to do it consistently, it can be a powerful strategy. Can you show me where it was stated that this was an issue that was going to be resolved? I want to make sure to correct any miscommunications. Thanks.

August 2018 update stagger reduction. :crossed_swords: Stagger Reduction

  • Staggering a target applies a minor protection period. This prevents a character from being repeatedly staggered multiple times in quick succession.

Sorry I was using the word bounce instead of stagger but you get the idea

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A year ago??? Aug. 2018?

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Mandrakes plat will knock you back at the start and cover being destroyed knocks you back, there is a reason why your hero gets knocked back

Frankly, there’s nothing to fix.

In the past, if an enemy Sentry had at least 2 consecutive Stagger Rounds, your character would get staggered each and every time. That was really effing annoying and kind of OP, so they adjusted that. Nowadays, if you get staggered, you have a second or two of stagger immunity so you’re not stagger-locked. You can tell when Sentry hits you with 2 consecutive Stagger Rounds, but you won’t get staggered each time (unless they time it right :wink:)


Staggering people is kinda strat tho, it’s a skilled based strat timing that staggered rounds so that they can’t cast ability nor shooting at you


Ah, right. The knockback/stagger issue you’re quoting was a very specific problem. Staggering is still a part of the game, and being able to chain them together is a valid strategy. It means a player is focusing on a specific Hero, which opens them up to counter play. The grace period is longer, but you can still be knocked back repeatedly by a skilled player who is focusing on a specific Hero.


Except when you get knocked back it makes your hero go to the back row and have to run back to the front line. Or on the shipyard get knocked into a container also on that map made my ifrit get thrown in the water and he just treds water

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I have seen this as well. But not with my characters. What I have seen is the other character, as described by Tollbooth, appear to get knocked into a cargo container and then I can no longer shoot them, but they can shoot me! LOL I have lost fights in the shipyard because a key enemy was made invulnerable to all normal attacks, only skill attacks could hit them. This glitch in my opinion is rare, but it’s there.

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This. I’ve been trying to recreate a glitch where Maven got stuck in a wall once, another time a cargo container, and she gassed my whole team to death. That’s it. She was staggered into the wall! I am not use to using this stagger ability yet.

That’s a whole other issue, not related to consecutive knockback. To clarify: just because something happens due to knockback, that doesn’t mean one fix to a particular situation involving knockback also covers everything knockback related.