Glitched status effect victim!?

Not too sure how to go about this one, hense the “!?” In the title, but what had happened minutes before this post in my last pvp match under the event, is that I had an enemy stun effect stay active on me well over its registered time, with no screen indicator in the middle. Even though it seems that the top left says theres an effect, including 3 other heroes, (which would of come from the enemy baron) it took way to long to recover.

Overall took a good 10+ seconds and ended up getting my hero killed, so I was curious if anybody else managed to have this happen to them?

To hopefully buffer out responses of ‘some stuns are long’ or ‘just a visual glitch’, I can assure you that it took long enough without any effect stacking, that I could actually lean back with utter confusion to ask “wait what”.

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If it helps with understanding that this is a worthy question or complaint of any level, I had enough time after realizing that something went wrong, to take a screenshot, and on my phone I hold the main and the lock button for 3 seconds to apply the screenshot.

I had this happen to me yesterday and so of course I sent a support message but unfortunately I got a bot telling me that no one else has experienced this problem. Clearly that is not true as I see you posted about it a few days ago. I really hope the devs look into this cause getting multiple players stuck in a stun is a guaranteed loss

Happened to me too! Sadly I didn’t have the presence of mind to take a screenshot as I was just dumbfounded at what was happening. Similar to what happened to you, the glitched stun came from an enemy Baron and had the same indicator (just the red blob at the upper-middle part of the screen that didn’t have the “Stunned” message), but affected only 1 hero. It eventually wore off, but it took a ridiculously long time and I instead had swapped to another hero by the time it was gone.

P.S. I won the match. Yay for me.
P.P.S. I’m pretty sure this is a game bug as there was another post I remember reading that had the same issue (though if I remember correctly the stun didn’t come from a Baron). I’m too lazy to look for it but I swear it’s somewhere there. Haha.

Oh here I found it! (Sorry I’m bored right now so I have nothing better to do than to read the forums) The glitched stun is a few posts down. Though I’m not sure from where the stun came from, as the OP’s enemy only had Fortress, Gammond, and Salvatore left. Still, it’s the same thing. One post down also mentions it happens when Baron cancels his bronze skill during cast animation.

Yoohoo devs! Might want to take a look at this. :slight_smile:

I’m also having an issue with Gammond during this PvP. He just glitches and runs in place the entire match or just stands there and does nothing but die.

lol. This have been posted a few times already. Support is useless with game issues.

As I already posted a few times, this is a bug caused by Baron 's bronze. If the AI cancels the bronze midcast, he will stun permanently one or even two heroes.

It’s weird such a gamebreaking bug hasn’t been addressed yet

Just experienced this one. Got staggered, and then stunned. When the stun ended I was one step farther from the cover. If I tried to move, my Panzer would just run in the spot

If y’all could please send a ticket to support because they’re still claiming that I’m the only person who has said they’ve experienced this…

To be honest, Mattie has been always REALLY helpful on support. Whenever I get Mattie on support for my tickets, I know my case won’t be ignored.

S/he is just asking for others to report the problem so they can pinpoint the problem, I guess.

That’s why i posted it here. Since I’ve seen a few others, not just on this thread, that have posted about experiencing this, I wanted to make them aware that the devs do not know about it.