Cut the cheese

So I think we would all agree that Mari/Halo is pretty broken and is getting old. And now we’re about to add another Halo to the mix :disappointed:… I love Mari’s concept, but I have to think some of these synergies were unintended.

Anyway, here’s an idea to level the playing field without having to directly change or nerf Mari:

How about a hero who starts the mission by temporarily shielding all the cover with a reflective shield (like Ronin’s), or even a counter measure type of shield (like Caine’s). This would allow those not using the cheese team to have a few (5ish?) seconds to get a head start and not just instantly start the match taking all kinds of damage (cause let’s be honest, matador can clear about 10 covers with 1 magazine…).

The cheese is a problem. It takes no skill to play, and it’s no fun to play against. But I feel like something like this would restore some balance and make it more strategic and fun. And since we don’t have a hero like this, it would be really fun to add to other builds as well.



It’s a very interesting idea! Shielding cover at the start of a match would definitely be a game changer for fighting certain Marianas teams. Makes me think of a Phalanx’s Gold Ability. :+1:t2:


Marianas gold just need a rework so it can’t trigger the additional damage skills of other heroes.

not sure if I put this in the right spot, Jado. I’m kind of newb here. :wink:

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What about being shielded by Phalanx? She tends to do a good temp job

Sure, she shields some of it, but it usually just prolongs the inevitable. This concept would not only level the match, but it would provide interesting ways to work with other heroes and teams as well.

That makes her gold almost completely useless and ruins her ability to be helpful in missions.

It’s one evil or the other, either halo, Kiyoshi and Krieger get a massive nerf to the amount of damage their passives do or Mariana does. And honestly it seems more likely Mariana will get the nerf. Another solution could be for it to do more damage but only to lifted opponents.

I would like that (lifted), but I still find myself using Mari a lot in the campaign and would hate to ruin that part of it.


Can’t agree due to lots of reasons.

But, thought is +ve.

May be if this kind of hero will introduced (it’s a great idea) but, soon ppl will complain nerf this hero… This cycle will never end…

More than 2 yrs & nerf-buff game is still on.

If ppl don’t roll with their KURTZ & Mari then, they’re pretty much easy to finish… Even nerfed 4cep can finish them.

1 of the best solution can be done by changing some rules of pvp events.

I think it’s like any other tough composition. You have to find a way to defeat it. A little bit of lag and kunoichi to take out halo will get you a win over halo/Mari with even oracle and phalanx

The absolute best way I can think of doing this is by making it happen lesser (much slower) but increasing its damage ( by quite a lot). This means that the halo marinas newhalo synergy will not be as effective as it triggers less often but increases its versatility and not depending on certain heroes


I love cheese! :cheese: :heart_eyes:


So the cycle goes again…

Another meta found, another nerf will come…

What if we buff the ‘old’ heroes instead of nerfing the new ones?

Imho, buffing Phalanx’s (or other heroes) skill so they can put shield to cover is a good idea… (not to mean prescriptive here)



Or just remove damage out of cover and only when rooted, she will still be lifting synergy and not cheese

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y’all the point here is not to suggest a complete rework of a hero. The point is to build in an equitable counter. And I’m calling BS on all of you people claiming “oh…just do this and you’ll beat it.” I’m available to duel if you want to test your ideas.

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if she only damages when rooting or lifting, she’s essentially a worse version of Alcatraz/Surge.

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I think adding more counter heroes for it will be more exciting. A counter which is even better than what Silhouette can do.

There needs to be a way to silence passive skills perhaps, a caine like hero who can silence all skills entirely


The Marianas / Halo / Krieger combo sucks to encounter, and is too overwhelming in a short duration of time.