Beck and some other ideas

I would like to suggest some buffs for Beck. She’s a good hero but her kit is just quite underwhelming. Her bronze skill in particular is sort of useless may it be in PvP or PvE due to its activation having a cumbersome delay as well as the cast time being a bit long. For a skill of such limitations, I would suggest if devs may increase it’s AoE (it’s a freakin’ grenade for duck’s sake) and give it some nice debuff like, say, a silence or disorient or a movement speed slow etc because as of this moment, I think most would agree with me if i say it’s the crappiest bronze skill there is.

Ryker also sucks big time. His normal shots are weak AF and his skills provide little to no utility. Just flat out weak damage with a laughable disorient. He’s a cool hero, but vastlt, and I mean vastly overshadowed by many.

BTW, good work on Salvatore though. Now, he’d be more viable. Thank you for that.

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I’ll pass on the feedback. Sorry that those Heroes aren’t living up to your expectations. Hero adjustments are done based on gathered data, but it’s still disheartening when you put time and effort into a Hero and they don’t perform as you thought they might. I apologize for that.


Ryker at platinum does some decent damage, he usually does most damage in a PvP team at plat during hero drafts.
Beck, her grenade isn’t the most useless, just the easiest to dodge. It deals a great amount of damage. Get a rooting hero on ur team (eg surge) and time the attack right. Pris’s silver grenade is even worse cause I sweat it has a longer delay despite not saying so in the description.

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I don’t really use Beck so I’ll leave others to comment on her. But as for Ryker, the dude is OG and carries the campaign story. Of the starting three, he is a distant third. His platinum does increase damage but it’s not enough to be a standout DPS Hero. I haven’t seen a buff or rework on Ryker in, ever? Might be time to bust Ryker out of his prison of mediocrity #FreeRyker

Beck and Keel can be really good.

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Ryker carries a nasty load of crit. Team him up with other crit multipliers and your favorite healer and he’s a blast! (Pun intended). Easily my favorite hero to play.

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I use Beck with Caine, Ronin, Heim and Moss…she can do 50k damage per second at the end of pvp match…i also having fun with this lineup. Her grenade, sadly, i use it only to force the opponent to waste the attack time and reload time :slight_smile:

Beck just got a buff why give her another one? There are plenty of hero’s that would need a buff before her again that are pretty horrible

Ryker’s Bronze is amazing but his Silver is puzzlingly way weaker than his Bronze. Ryker does well for 3v3 pvp and his bronze is even more amazing against 2 or less opponents.

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