My Recommended changes

Hello everyone it’s been a long time since I played this but I’m back.
Before I start I just wanna say that I still play the game from time to time and I would love it if other og player would hit me up with some messages. But with that out of the way let’s get into the discussion

I wanna talk about Krieger, marianas and halo. Where do I begin. They are freaking broken when combined. And the annoying thing is that this is the second time. You guys remember when baron had constant lightning attack with his minigun. Yeah I do as well. It wasnt fun and now it happens again.

To the broken part
Now we have marianas she has a passive skill that let her damage people out of cover or lifted but that’s not broken. the broken part is that she can activate Krieger and halo’s skill with that. Can I ask why. This combined with more characters kills teams in seconds. It should not be allowed to let passive skills activate halo and Krieger’s passive. it just sucks the fun out of the game.

On topic of hero balances
Can venom and jackal be updated with elite rifleman and cross i. I really sucks that they didnt get the changes they really are inferior as a result.

Lastly kurtz henchman
Operator and vanguard
First let me say that elite rifleman and sentry are really good for what they are. Sentry being the glass cannon and rifleman being a pve healer with all the fodder around.
But vanguard and operator are really lacking.

First operator, his gold skill should be a team skill. it’s really bad and the only time it gets used is when he is the last on the team. It should be a team skill this will make him more of a option against Caine. While not being OP. Because concentrated fire still powers through.
i also believe his flash bang could use a change. it doesn’t fit his character that much and even then its easily dodged.

Then vanguard, he can be really strong with platinum. but he is really weak before that. There are a lot of better options than him. He needs a buff . I propose that he should get a knockback and maybe even a stun resistance in his gold skill on top of his shield and it should be permanent since he really gets screwed over if he is targeted because of his long reload. also his silver skill should give half of the effect to the weakest ally. And lastly he should charge his bronze quicker because it’s way too slow. They can buff this by speeding it up and nerfing his platinum skill. so that he isnt required to be platinum.

edit: grammar and some extra comments on heroes


Sadly as someone who has suggested changes and improvements to the community for a long long time now, I think you will find said changes will likely be on deaf ears. The devs always have a plan, they have the data, all decisions are data driven and happen far in advance


I definitely see Krieger being in need of a bit of a nerf, he’s a bit too overpowering with Mari and halo next to him.

Also yeah I read some of your old comments in the early days of the forums. I’m sure the devs do notice; but they really don’t listen to (edit: prescriptive player feedback) in regards to heroes. Kinda sucks tbh.


We definitely listen. However, if by “listen” you mean “do exactly as told,” no, we don’t do that. As stated before, we run on a combination of data and feedback, but prescriptive proposed solutions are rarely the needed ones. We can also only do so many balance changes a month. Scientific method and gradual changing of variables produces better results in the long term.

For a better understanding of why vocal feedback from a small subset of engaged players might not tell the whole story, I encourage you to look up the Bullet Hole Misconception for homework.



Nerf or buff… What a simple solution we have!!!


My only complaint for vanguard is his ammo count, he does low damage, giving him a lot of bullets won’t make him OP, just normal.

The best prescription is to abuse the system such that the #s’ are so heavily tilted toward the krieger/mari/halo combo that the developers have to make a change.

Nice reference to the bullet hole misconception, but I’m not understanding the application here. Are you saying the vocal players are the ones saying to put the armor over the bullet holes on the planes making it back? (In other words, you get more valuable information from the non-vocal majority?) Just trying to understand.

thanks for the comments guys i know the devs wont just change things because i asked so. but i make these posts hoping they will look at the heroes i mentioned and then change them. even if the devs dont see them (which isnt the case now but still). i still hope they will reach other people so that they can also share nerfs and buffs for the proposed heroes. so that it finally gets looked at by the devs
(sorry for the late reply)

i get that you cant just change something because some players asked for it and that you can update only some heroes in each update. but vanguard and operator have to my knowledge never been changed and if they did it wasnt enough to make them a option against other similar character’s.

they should really be looked at but it just never does. its because almost no one uses them seriously. which is because they are weak. which most likely leads to less data and feedback. that’s why i am mentioning them. and give some potential fixes to make them viable.

and i mean i have some more changes in mind but the heroes i mentioned need balancing

Need and want are two different things. Thanks for the feedback.

Wel yeah of course i want them buffed because they are cool. Its fun to play as the campaign minion’s. But i looked at them from a objective standpoint. They never changed. Just look at ryker, nightingale and butter. While they were good before the massive changes they werent really focused and could use improvements. And they are now much better as a result. But operator and vanguard didn’t get the same treatment. Even tho they are worse then the butter ryker and nightingale were. They are still still remmnants of the early days of hero hunters.
That’s why i hope they get buffed so that they are still a option against the stronger options
Ps. it’s also really cool that the devs watch these forum’s

It kind of sucks he has a lmg and has to reload for ages every 3 seconds

Muninn, is my feedback on buffing pris for the past year enough? :sweat_smile:

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They nerfed Mara right after I ruby her haha

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