(CV-62) U.S.S INDEPENDENCE Alliance is recruiting

Hello fell Hero Hunters, I sending a open invitation for persons interested in joining a good alliance. We for the most part stay full but sometimes people drift away and are kicked for inactivity. I have to credit the majority of our crew for doing a great job with being active. We are looking for just 3 members level 80+ and at least 400k power. Must be motivated and active in all events Patrols and completing daily tasks so they will continue to grow. Our rules are simple. You get 3 days before being kicked and replaced for inactivity, you must grow contribute to events. If you think you can follow our rules and fit the minimum requirements please apply we will be waiting for you.

COMMANDER D’nomyar Leader (CV-62) USS Independence Alliance.

PS. We are a Veteran friendly alliance and often times will post benefits available to all active members & Veterans of the United States. All are welcome to join so if your not a veteran and meet the minimum requirements please don’t be shy to apply.

You almost had me, but I am more of a CVN-72 kind of guy.

Lol we are still Navy though. Same team. I used the independence because I served on that ship.