New player looking for active alliance

I just started a week ago, loving the game and currently at 4k power. I’ve noticed there are a lot of half active alliances. 12 people would be daily players and the other half would be inactive for 3 days or even weeks.

The kind of alliance I’m looking for is at least 20 or more active players. Inactivity to me is someone gone for 3 days or more. If your alliance is recruiting new players and it fits my criteria post here or send a message to Greywolf McGrowler

Born in Blood, Forged in Battle!


You will find a decent alliances with active players once you hit better team level and power.

Found an alliance.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this. For anyone looking for an alliance. My suggestion is to take the time to sign up on the forums and post what you’re looking for. It shows you’re serious about the game and not just another player out there.


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Sh-t man, I must have doing something wrong these past few months because I’ve been kicked outta three Alliances already. Not because of my inactivity, mind you. I just somehow annoy the Alliance officers in the Alliance chat. Something about “you’re too immature” or what not. Understandable, have a nice day, you egotistical f-…!

I’m in a decent Alliance but the Alliance chat scares me: it’s 90% the word “trade.” I just wanna have a conversation!

Join R1PP, look for karsa_orlong. We’ll take you on. Not the most active chat out there, but we make do.

I’m good right now. Thanks for the offer though. I’ll probably ask again once I can’t take the unbearable amount of “trade pls” or “anyone got trade” or whatever.