Cyber made a AI replica of Min as shown in the Valentines Day event mode

So I just played the new Valentine’s Day event mode and learned some new lore, apparently Cyber has a crush on Min and made a AI replica of Min which you fight in the event “the AI is literally the cyberpunk looking skin in the image that is shown below”. I’m not gonna lie that’s pretty creepy, I mean that’s literally like making a robot replica of a person “which possibly you’ll never have the guts to ask out” you are obsessed with. How come no one’s talking about this? Cyber got some obsession issues………


Creepy indeed although it does make sense when I re-read Cyber’s lore:

Unfortunately, while he was very popular in the virtual world, the same could not be said about his life away from the monitors. Most people that knew him viewed him as a weird outcast, and he was constantly mocked for his frailty and secluded lifestyle. His escape from these hardships were the virtual worlds he played in. He always dreamed of being like the “cool” characters everyone liked in the games he played.

Cyber more like Creeper

Well min did remark on “how far he went for her” so I mean maybe he got to her a bit? O.o
Cmon deca give us a ship lol,

By literally making an AI replica of her?. I think that’s something that goes against the rules of consent don’t you think. Kinda reminds me of when Lex Luther from the dc comics made a robot replica of Superman’s lover for well……personal reasons…….

lol almost forgot about robo min, wonder what his reasons behind her were

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