Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Hunters!

This Valentines Day there is more than bullets in the air! It’s our newfound love for this game and community.

We would love nothing more than to learn more about you, so please share with us what you love most about Hero Hunters!

It could be anything, a feature, a memory, a character, all up to you.


Omg i love the art from this post!!!:heart_eyes::heart:

I love really just everything about this game. The characters. The way it plays. The creativity. But the thing i would probably hold dearest to me is Pris. Who was my first, real damage dealer back when i started playing in Beta. I have grown with this game being by my side ever since. And she holds one of the most special spots of this game


Thank you for giving love in this Valentine’s month and not war. In this crucial moment we all should unite together and take a moment to appreciate the things you are doing for humanity. I see people are not acknowledging the fact that Deca devs are trying to fix the issues of Every Single thing in this game. In the month of love it is important to fix their issues. I like everything about this game. Keep the good work up:)

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First of all I would like to point out that I write here my objective opinion after 1474 tags. It is up to everyone to have his own opinion - please allow me to do so. Standing on the spot means going backwards - I think DECA wants to know what is liked, but it is also important to learn factually what is not liked.

I like the gameplay that allows me to switch between characters. Also the control of the character with cover, stand, attack and different abilities is unique in this form.
I haven’t seen or experienced this in any other mobile game so far. This is a unique selling point of this game!!! Possibly MFI would be interesting.

The real-time co-op RAIDs with 3 heroes of your own are also a unique feature of this game. I have not seen this in this form similarly third-person so far anywhere comparable in a MobileGame.
Unfortunately, nothing has been changed in the RAIDs themselves for a long time and even the best gameplay eventually succumbs to monotony when it runs in the same mode for years.
Here I would love it if DECA would bring in fresh wind and you would get significantly more variety.

If you are lucky enough to be in a good alliance, real nick friendships develop over time. Meanwhile 50 friend slots are full (a few more would be nice). At Scavenger Hunts- Events there are some very well connected players who help all players worldwide with their far above average effort! Applause!!! and you can’t thank them enough!

So far there are always new characters or /and skins, which I find great. The rest is a matter of taste and that’s ok. I think DECA is finally the end of the copy-paste heroes from Forged Fantasy. Here HHG has simply set quantity instead of quality and tried to bring cost-saving character to the update. For me, the characters are still alienating and do not fit in here.
Here I would rather wish that DECA brings, for example, with deals from other developers characters as in Wild Rift. :slight_smile: I’m also open to zombie hunting. This would open a wide door for creativity.

The extreme districts are a matter of luck from district 5 onwards and have nothing to do with strength or team formations. Here DECA itself should try to 5E what I mean. I am sure that for this reason alone many players have deleted the game, because if desire becomes frustration, the way to this is not far.

Well, the game is called Hero Hunters and I see the bounty hunting as the core of the game. Unfortunately it’s been monotonously the same for years and the last expansions weren’t really refreshing for long. Maybe you could combine it with co-op, which could be interesting as well. Also short term goals that are only there for 15 minutes and give 4 times the points would be a possibility. The rewards are in relation to the time spent from my point of view in a poor ratio, which still corresponds to the level when it was over at level 80.
Looking at the milestones, medium alliances then prefer to enjoy the full weekend without the game, if you have reached milestone 9, for example.

The event was exciting and new at the beginning and really fun to play. Now, at the highest level, it’s either dominated by alliance political deals or hyper-strong PTW allies, and I mean that in a zero-deprecating way. It’s just quickly becoming a waste of time and in terms of rewards, I don’t think it’s in any balance to the amount of time spent. Sure, you can think it’s only 1 action, but to be successful you always have to follow up with your defense, etc. It is cool when joint actions work. The time needed for the leadership to clarify the policy to other alliances and to coordinate attacks, however, is crass. For the event, you have to promote all members so that everyone can work the sectors. So there is no recognizable hierarchy to the outside except for the commander and deputy.
It would be good if the commander of all members could determine which participate in the AWar. As an example at least 15. If people would have once no desire or time, or would be on vacation, would be counted only those who participate. From this strength then the opponent should be determined. Then I would like that these players could also be marked who can edit sectors. Thus one could use the hierarchies intended for it with officers again in such a way, as thought. Another wish would then be to be able to determine which players coordinate. These players should then receive extra rewards.
In the board game RISKIO, for example, there are special editions, such as “defeat the Blue Army”, or that you have to occupy a continent for extra points. Such extra tasks would also be a breath of fresh air for this event. To be honest, this event is the main reason why I only play on the side. Here I hope for new incentives through DECA.

Ads only if you want to watch them, how about the Quick Win Bonus is an important point! It is extremely pleasant that you are not constantly torpedoed by ads like in some other games!

For the Alliance War, there is a swap meet to exchange equipment for War Coins - that’s necessary and very good. It would be great if you could also exchange equipment or items from your inventory for other things, such as astral or void fragments, or for other equipment. It would also be great to be able to donate inventory, gold or coal within a guild.

I find the equipment and skins ok so far. Compared to other games, it lacks a bit of pep. I would like it if it would be possible to upgrade limited abilities or to activate special abilities only for a limited time per week. Levels like 5 Extreme should then be solvable through play and no longer by lottery.
As for weapons, it would be cool to have mods like additional ammunition, or attachments or skins that you can collect in the game and equip to a limited extent.

With this I close my statement on the current state and my wishes. I wish DECA much success and that the great game will be again as much fun as before.


I think they should make auto equal to manual.
Maybe you should see reloads. Mag sizes. Ability charge and all on their portrait or a custom screen. Heck! A custom screen! Imagine the things we could do with a strategic bord or something!

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As someone who plays Here Hunters, Marvel Strike Force, and Star War Galaxy of Heroes (all character collecting, team building games), this is by far my favorite. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Theory crafting is alive and well. Though there are clearly meta-characters, different combinations of characters can really shine.
  2. The bonus faction of the month causes a shift every month in which characters to build and focus upon. This is a unique incentive to power up the less used characters for each faction.
  3. Elemental fragments allow you to chose which characters to power up with your rewards. This also in unique to Hero Hunters and provides choice to games that often become monotonous grinds.
  4. Good balance of solo, co-op, and guild based events.
  5. Heronium is valuable. In Marvel Strike Force and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, the equivalent currencies of getting shards of maxed characters are essential worthless. 10 starring heroes is valuable in this game.
  6. The game play is so unique and fun. Hamauetak capture this very well.
  7. I always look forward to Bounty Hunts. The reward have really allowed me to power up my roster. So though it is a grind, it is a rewarding grind.

Thank you so much for these warm words! This is what Valentine’s Day should look like. :star_struck:


When is the next Update coming?

From Deca : As soon as it is ready and we are happy with the end product. Meaning we don’t want to deliver a rushed mess of an Update just for the sake of there being an Update.

Favorite memory of mine is when HHG had contests and I won a hero a few times. Which was nice.

you have to learn to criticize because from criticism comes improvement. just praising and not talking shows that everything is fine and they will never get better!! just my opinion!!!

Shared Goals. Whether it be an alliance shard or victory blitz or seeing how far we can push bounty… that’s what I find brings me back. That and having a pretty damn good alliance. Which makes me sad, cause we just shed two of our better and frankly nicest players. We’ll see if I still have that good alliance if current circumstances continue.

Defined and limited goals— And some of this is personal and some comes from the event, but its, well, hey UAF is bonus this month, how many of them can I get 10 Star or up to Ruby or such. And if I feel stressed on it, its a limited goal since there’s an end for them being bonus.

I did how the ads work as has been stated previously by other posters. If I want em I get em and benefit but if I am in a crunch it doesn’t crush me if I skip em one day.

You really need to give it a rest. No means No.

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Since I’ve been playing this game I’ve been loving it more and more, the characters and intens pvp fights I just love it all, and I hope we can all grow together in this game with all the support we give each other it will work out, much love❤️

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