Real Talk: who's the best waifu in the game?

  • Maven, the Chemical Witch
  • Beck, the Agile Gunslinger
  • Pris, the Femme Fatale
  • Nightingale, the Sniper Medic
  • Keel, the Field Architect
  • Sapphyr, the Shadow Agent
  • Callidus, the Vampiric Berserker
  • Operator, the One and True Waifu
  • Halo, the Lightning Conductor
  • Flatline, the Combat Paramedic
  • Francoise, the Guerilla Alchemist
  • Pheonix, the Volatile Berserker
  • Artemis, the Archer Huntress
  • Phalanx, the Resilient Defender
  • Cinder, the Demolition Expert
  • Oracle, the Battlefield Coordinator
  • Panzer, the Assault Breacher

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Poll’s up for the 4th! Who’s the best?

Was a tough one, either cinder or Nightingale.

Cinder is a little hotter but she wrecks everything, Nightingale is a sweet and gantle caring woman

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This post is poison.


Cinder’s meh. Nightingale for me, Maven’s a close second.

Noboby for Panzer ??? :smiley:

Hey up - Razordome mission 12 = Ladies Man

Featured enemy heros are women and include Savage - am I missing something? Is savage a chick?

If he/she is - my vote is for savage!!! Love a feeder!

PS - had to google what a waifu was!

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Just changed from maven to nightingale because I pulled nightingale legendary skin today. lol

The whole joke of that mission is that Savage is the ladies man, hence being surrounded by females :stuck_out_tongue:

Operator is totally a dude, so not waifu material for me. I’ll take Artemis. Black hair and brown skin. Looks Latina (my rl kryptonite), sounds creole. Halo would be my second choice. I have a soft spot for alternative girls.

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Operator is totally a dude, so not waifu material for me.

totally a dude

You say that like it’s a problem.

Since he has 0 votes, it seems like it is a problem :frowning:

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Will be showing the results this Friday. I wonder who got the highest votes.

I think Phoenix is a trap to be honest…

Aaaahhhhh - I see :thinking: