Deadlock (lore)

Deadlock (concept hero I made in closed discussion)

He was merely 14 when the zero day first hit, he was in his car with his younger sister and parents, he woke finding his parents flung from the car and sister in critical condition, he used his strength to get help after crawling out of the metal coffin, and his sister went into a in a coma, not to sleep for years later,

He however, was suffering critical injuries, easily fixed with the amputation on his feet, bottom on one leg, and his right arm, however that was just the beggining,

He had contracted a heronium virus, the first known to the world. It was ravenging him from the inside out , until he used it as a weapon, it became his strength as he adapted with it, now he lives in another metal cage, powered by his own demise, he uses his revenge and his wits and takes out everyone in his way, he has nothing to lose, for he has already lost it all,

;He uses the virus and the heronium power from it to power his suit and energy,
;his sister isn’t dead (perhaps she might wake up soon :eyes:)
:he has a weapon that fires faster and faster every shot until it becomes a lazer or death, (similar to verril “the longer he fires uniterupted , the more dangerous he becomes.”)
; his greatest strength is also his greatest weakness,
;no his sister does not have the virus as well, minor brain injuries, (concussion)

Unfortunately I won’t be doing images as it just isn’t my specialty, the only references I can think of are below;

Additionally maybe a body build and suit similar to hecklers, maybe even hard time skin without those colors,

It’s crazy how creative you can get by mixing images or just by not providing images but a detailed description. Let their own minds work something out

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I M A G I N A T I O N :wink: hehe

did you play mech arena?

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I do actually! Did you encounter me ingame? (I just started playing really, reminds me of my old game “War robots”, only play it when hero hunters is dry.

I stopped playing it after a while. The progression is so slow and weapons are so darn expensive eventually. Gameplay is good but the lore and all doesn’t really make me gravitate more towards it

I got into it into it, I’m winning event after event, and stacking up and getting lucky with a occasional new mech from limited crates, rn I’m destroying it over there,

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